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Graco Affix Booster Review - 14 Things to Know

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Other car seats to consider

1. Pros and Cons



2. Who Is It Best For?

Will the Graco Affix Be a Good Fit For Your Child and Family?

The Graco Affix is best suited for families who have a child who is transitioning from a 5-point harness car seat to a booster seat.

It’s the last-stage car seat that is intended for children who weigh between 40 and 100 pounds, and who are no more than 57 inches tall. The car seat comes with a Latch system that provides ease of installation and can be used with the car’s seat belt.

The Graco Affix comes with a side impact protection system that provides maximum safety in the event of an accident.

The Graco Affix is also a good choice for parents who are looking for a booster seat that is easy to use.

The seat comes with a front adjustment feature that allows parents to quickly and easily adjust the seat to fit their child. The seat also has a cup holder and storage compartment, which makes it easy for parents to keep snacks and other items within reach.

Parents who are concerned about the durability of their child’s car seat will appreciate the Graco Affix. The seat is made with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The seat is also easy to clean, which is perfect for parents who have messy children.

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3. Value for Money

Is the price tag worth it?

The Graco Affix is priced at $89.99, which may seem more expensive than some other booster seats on the market. However, it has several key features that may make it worth the investment for parents who prioritize safety, comfort, and convenience.

Firstly, the Graco Affix has a Latch system that ensures the seat is anchored securely to the car, reducing the risk of injury during an accident. This ease of installation system is a critical feature to ensure the safety of the child, as it eliminates the risk of improper installation due to human error.

Secondly, the Graco Affix has side impact protection, which adds an additional layer of safety in the case of a side collision. Safety should be of the utmost concern when choosing a booster seat for a child, and this feature provides a measure of assurance for parents.

Thirdly, the Graco Affix provides a comfortable ride for the child with adjustable features, storage, and a cup holder. For long road trips with little ones, comfort is key, and provisions for refreshments and entertainment would be a welcome addition for both child and parent.

Finally, the Graco Affix is made with durable materials, which means it will last longer and be a more worthwhile investment in the long run. The seat cover is also easy to remove and machine washable- ideal for busy parents who want a hassle-free cleaning experience.

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4. Design

Dimensions and Width

The Graco Affix Booster Seat has a compact, lightweight design compared to other similar booster seats on the market. Its dimensions are 16.5 inches wide by 26.75 inches high by 15.5 inches deep. It weighs 9.8 pounds, which makes it easy to transfer from one vehicle to another if necessary.

The seat is designed to fit in most vehicles, including cars and small SUVs. The compact design is perfect for families with multiple children or for those with smaller vehicles. It also offers a perfect solution for carpooling with friends or relatives.

While the Graco Affix Booster Seat is not the smallest booster seat on the market, its compact design offers an ideal balance of comfort and functionality to fit in most types of cars. The size and weight of the seat allow for easy maneuvering and portability without sacrificing the safety of the child.

Overall, the Graco Affix Booster Seat can be considered compact in design when compared to other similar booster seats. It offers an excellent solution for parents who prioritize safety and comfort in a product that isn’t too bulky or cumbersome. The dimensions of the Graco Affix Booster Seat make it suitable for parents who wish to pack lighter when traveling and ideal for families with limited trunk space.

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Weighing 9.8 pounds, the Graco Affix Booster Seat is slightly heavier than some other booster seats (especially the backless models) on the market.

But it is still lightweight enough to be easily transferred from one vehicle to another, and it can also be used in different modes, depending on the needs of the child. Additionally, it is designed to be user-friendly and Latch-equipped, making it easy and quick to install in the vehicle.

In terms of portability, the Graco Affix Booster Seat still offers a compact and easy-to-use solution for parents who need to switch between vehicles or travel frequently. While the weight of the booster seat may be slightly heavier than some other options, its durable design and safety features make it a suitable choice for parents who prioritize safety, comfort, and convenience when traveling with their children.

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Cup Holder and Storage Compartment

Designed for big kids, the Graco Affix has one cup holder and a storage compartment. This combination is ideal for on-the-go refreshments and entertainment for little ones during long journeys. The cup holder is situated on the right side while the storage compartment is on the left. Both are close to the child’s seat, creating easy access for the child.

Both the cup holder and storage compartment are made from durable plastic materials that are resistant to spills and stains. Unlike soft cup holders, they are easier to clean, and they can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. In case of accidental spillage, the cup holder insert can be removed for a more thorough cleaning.

The cup holder is deep enough to hold drinks securely, reducing the risk of spills and messes. The design ensures that the cups do not obstruct the child’s ability to buckle or unbuckle, nor do they get in the way during use.

The cup holder and storage compartment are designed to be practical, durable, and useful for both child and parent.

Color option

The Graco Affix Booster Seat comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit different preferences at first. But now there are only two color options available.

Atomic: This is a gender-neutral color scheme that combines black, gray, and mint green.

Grapeade: This color scheme features various shades of purple, including a large purple polka dot pattern, and is a good option for those who appreciate more of a feminine touch.

While color preference is a matter of personal taste and individual choice, there are some colors that may be perceived as more suitable for either boys or girls.

For example, parents looking for a more feminine color scheme may gravitate towards Grapeade or similar purple car seats. However, it is important to remember that there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to color, and parents should choose what they like best for their child’s booster seat.

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Headrest - 8 Positions

The Graco Affix has a total of eight headrest positions, which can be adjusted to accommodate children of different heights and allows the booster seat to grow with the child, providing extended use and practicality.

The adjustable headrest positions ensure that the child’s head is adequately supported and comfortable during the car ride, providing a snug fit and preventing the child’s head from flopping over during sleep or accidents. 

This feature also adds to the seat’s safety, allowing the seat to provide optimal protection for the child in the event of an accident. By adjusting the headrest so that it sits appropriately, the child is better protected from whiplash and other injuries that can occur in a collision.


The Graco Affix Booster Seat has a comfortable and adequately padded design. The seat cushion and backrest are made from high-quality materials that offer a comfortable and supportive ride for the child. The padding is neither too thick nor too thin, providing the child with a comfortable and snug fit while maintaining proper support.

The padding is designed to make travel comfortable for the child while also ensuring that they remain safe and secure. The cushioning helps prevent discomfort and injuries during long car rides, and it also adds to the booster seat’s overall durability. In addition, the padding can help reduce vibrations or shocks that the child would feel if there was no cushioning, making the ride more comfortable.

The level of comfort with the Graco Affix Booster Seat’s padding may depend on the individual child’s preferences. However, the booster seat has received generally positive reviews from users and is often compared to higher-end models in terms of comfort.

5. Graco Affix Safety Rating and Crash Tests

Is it safe to use Graco Affix?

Yes, the Graco Affix Booster Seat is considered safe according to industry standards and regulations. It meets or exceeds applicable US safety standards, including the Federal Safety Standards and Requirements for Booster Seats, and has been rigorously tested for crash protection, side-impact, and structural integrity, as well as flammability testing.

It has several safety features that help to protect children in case of a collision or accident. Some of the notable safety features include:

LATCH System – The LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system ensures the booster seat is securely attached to the vehicle’s seat. The tether strap on the booster seat connects directly to the LATCH system in the vehicle, which helps prevent it from tipping forward during an accident.

Seat belt positioner – The seat belt positioner ensures the seat belt is in the correct position across the child’s shoulder and lap.

Compliance with the Car Seat Safety Guidelines – The Graco Affix Booster Seat is compliant with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which has published guidelines for keeping children safe in vehicles.

Energy-absorbing foam – With built-in around the frame and seat base, this ensures both protection and comfort for growing kids. 

The combination of these safety features makes the Graco Affix Booster Seat a reliable, safe, and comfortable option for families.

It is recommended that parents follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure proper use and installation. Satisfactory installation is essential to ensure the highest level of safety and protection for the child.

6. Performance

Weight and Height Limits

The Graco Affix Booster Seat has weight and height limits that are appropriate for big kids. The seat is designed to accommodate children weighing between 40 to 100 pounds or up to 57 inches in height. 

The weight and height limitations offered by the Graco Affix Booster Seat are on par with those of similar booster seats on the market. Some booster seats might have a slightly higher weight limit of up to 120 pounds, like the Britax Highpoint and Diono Cambria 2 XL,  but that does not necessarily make them safer.

The priority of the weight and height limits on the booster seat should always be the child’s safety and comfort.

Compared to its alternatives, the Graco Affix Booster Seat is a reasonably priced, high-quality option that meets or exceeds the required safety standards. While some booster seats may provide additional padding or features, they often come at a higher cost. The Graco Affix Booster Seat offers a balance between affordable pricing and safety, without compromising on design, functionality, or comfort for the child.

In conclusion, the Graco Affix Booster Seat offers weight and height limits that are suitable for most children, and comparable to its competitors on the market.

The seat’s safety features, including the seat belt positioning system, side-impact protection, and LATCH system, make it an excellent option for parents looking for a safe and reliable booster seat for their children.

Its affordability, lightweight design, user-friendliness, and longevity make it stand out compared to other alternatives, and it is a recommended option to consider for a parent looking to invest in a quality, long-term booster seat.

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Stage / Modes -3rd

The Graco Affix Booster Seat is a high-back booster seat designed for children who have outgrown a forward-facing car seat. It is considered the last stage of car seat use before children transition to using just the adult seat belt based on the NHTSA’s definition.

Compared to its alternatives, the Graco Affix Booster Seat is moderately priced and offers a variety of bonus features like the LATCH system for easy installation. The seat has a durable design and meets Federal Safety Standards for booster seats, ensuring that children have adequate protection while traveling. While other booster seats may have extra features such as additional padding, adjustable headrests, or more comfortable armrests, they often come with a higher price tag.

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Age Range

To use the Graco Affix Booster Seat, your kid should be at least 4 years old. The maximum age limit is not defined by federal law or given by the manufacturer. Instead, it is recommended that parents follow the seat’s weight and height limits to determine when it is appropriate to transition their child to a booster seat and stop using it. 

In general, it is recommended that children continue to use a forward-facing car seat until they reach the maximum weight or height limits for the seat, which could typically range from around 65 pounds or up to 49 inches in height. Once a child has outgrown their forward-facing car seat, a booster seat is a next step, which is used until the child reaches the age of 8 or has grown beyond the booster seat’s recommended height and weight limits.

It is vital that parents read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the particular booster seat they are using, in addition to the laws and regulations set forth by their state. These recommendations and regulations should be taken into account to ensure that the child rides safely in the vehicle.

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Is Graco Affix FAA approved for use on a plane?

No, the Graco Affix Booster Seat is NOT FAA-approved for airplane use. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not allow the use of booster seats on airplanes, because they lack an internal harness.

According to federal laws on car seats, the booster seat must be installed with a lap-shoulder belt. It’s not possible to achieve this on airplanes, where only lap belts are available for passengers.

But you can take a booster seat onto the airplanes. It’s just you can’t use it.

Actually, you don’t need to use a booster seat, which has a minimum age requirement of 4 years old. At this age, your kid is not required to use a car seat on airplanes.

If you need one, I’ll recommend you use a lightweight convertible car seat with a top 65-pound and 49-inch size limit for kids at this age. 

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How long is the Graco Affix booster seat good for

The Graco Affix Booster Seat typically lasts for ten years, starting from the date of manufacture (DOM). The actual duration of the seat’s life will depend on several factors, including the frequency of use and how well the seat is maintained. Once the booster seat passes its expiration date, which can be found on the seat’s label, it should be replaced.

When the Graco Affix Booster Seat expires, it should be immediately replaced with either a new car seat or a booster seat that meets the child’s current weight and height requirements.

Expired car seats or booster seats may have worn-out components that could compromise their safety functions, putting the child at risk of injury during a car ride. A child’s safety is essential, and therefore it is critical that parents ensure that the booster seat continues to perform to the highest standards.

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The Graco provides a one-year limited warranty for the Affix booster seat, starting from the date of original purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse of the car seat, normal wear, and tear, or damage caused by accidents or collisions.

7. Graco Affix Booster Installation

Before starting to install the car seat, you may where to put it. The center of the back seat is probably the safest position to install a car seat.

Graco Affix can be ONLY installed with the LATCH, the center of the back seat might not be the safest position if there are no lower anchors. At this time, either seat on the side would be safe. You may choose any of them based on your family’s and kid’s needs.

Install Affix Booster Using the LATCH

Use only the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt system when restraining the child in this booster seat.

Lower anchor connectors are ONLY to secure the booster seat to the vehicle seat. When using the Lower anchor connectors, DO NOT place the booster seat off-center of the vehicle anchors.

Step 1. Push the button on the front of the seat where the LATCH belt appears and pull lower anchor connectors out from the back of the booster.

Step 2. Attach lower anchor connectors to vehicle lower anchors. Pull firmly on lower anchor connectors to be sure they are attached. NEVER put two lower anchor connectors on one vehicle anchor.

Step 3. Tighten lower anchor connectors, by pushing on the booster and pulling the straps on the front of the booster.

Step 4. To remove the booster, push the release button again up on the front of the booster and pull it slightly away from the seat.

Step 5. Push the lower anchor connector in, lift up, and pull out (away from the anchor point). Repeat on the other lower anchor connectors.

Secure Your Child in Car Seat

1. Place the booster seat firmly against the back of a forward-facing vehicle seat equipped with a lap/ shoulder belt only .

2. Have your child sit in the booster seat with their back flat against the back of the booster seat.

3. Position the shoulder belt through the shoulder belt guide firmly at the right position. Fasten the buckle and pull up the shoulder belt to tighten.

4. To ensure the correct head support height is obtained, the bottom of the headrest SHOULD be even with the top of the child’s shoulders and the shoulder belt must be positioned in the red zone. The lap belt portion MUST pass under the armrests and be positioned low on the hips.

5. If the belt lies across the child’s neck, head, or face, readjust the head support height.

Graco Affix Car Seat Manual

You should always read the user manual before starting to install and use it for riding your child. 

The Graco Affix booster seat manual is stored in a small storage slot behind the cover of the car seat, but you can always find the online user manual on its official website, or download the PDF here.

8. Specification and Comparison

Suitable forBig kids
Portability (1-10)7.5. Compact and Relatively lightweight
Weight (pounds)9.11
Weight limits (lb.)40-100
Height limit (inch)57”
Dimension15.5″D x 16.5″W x 26.75″H
Cup holderOne
Age Range4-8 years or older
Headrest Positions8
Recline positions
Lifespan10 Years
Extra FeaturesLATCH-equipped

Graco Affix vs TurboBooster LX vs TurboBooster

Car Seats Comparison Graco Affix Graco TurboBooster Graco TurboBooster LX
Price $99.99 $59.99 $89.99
Weight limits (lb) 40-100 40-100 40-100
Height limits (in) 57" 57" 57"
LATCH LATCH-equipped - LATCH-equipped
Height Adjustable Headrest -
Includes Body Support - -
Storage Compartment -
Width 16.5 inches 16 inches 16 inches
Car Seat Weight 10.8 lb. 9 lb. 10.8
Machine-washable fabric
Cup Holder

*About the height limit for rear-facing: The top of the head must be 1” (2.5 cm) below the headrest adjustment lever.

9. Alternatives

What other booster car seats should you consider?

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