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Safe, comfortable, and easy to use, what more could you ask for? The Britax Advocate ClickTight is the only 2-in-1 convertible car seat to forgo the standard side impact protection, instead opting to enhance its protective capabilities of all those that came before by adding one or two more layers of SIP for optimal protection. In cahoots with the three layers of SIP, the Advocate ClickTight features a high-strength steel frame, SafeCell technology and thick padding and that’s we awarded it with the best-in-class safety rating (which is quite the accolade considering we have 20 convertible car seats in our 50+ strong database). With the company’s innovative ClickTight technique aided by multiple headrest and recline positions, the Advocate carves out its place as one of the safest and most comfortable convertible car seats.

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Nuna AACE Review - Three Layers of SIP for Optimal Protection

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1. Pros and Cons



2. Who Is It Best For?

Will the Nuna AACE Be a Good Fit For Your Child and Family?

The Nuna Aace booster seat is an ideal choice for parents who want to ensure the safety and comfort of their growing child.

It is designed for children aged 4 to 10 years, and it adjusts to their growing needs with its 3D growth system. If you are the parent of a child who has outgrown their forward-facing car seat, the Nuna Aace is a perfect choice.

As a high-end booster seat, the Aace incorporates energy-absorbing foam and side-impact protection to ensure that your child is secured and safe while on the road.

A child’s comfort is also a significant factor during long car trips, and the Nuna Aace takes care of that with its ample padding, adjustable headrest, and armrests.

Furthermore, the Aace is easy to install, as it is LATCH compatible. With its sleek aerodynamic design, the booster seat not only adds a modern touch to your car interior but also offers convenience and helps save time. The seat’s removable and washable components make cleaning it a breeze, so you’ll have more time to spend with your child.

In summary, the Nuna Aace is the best choice for parents looking to ensure their child’s safety and comfort while traveling. Its design incorporates features that promote optimal positioning, and it is easy to install, making it an excellent investment for any parent.

3. Value for Money

Is the price tag worth it?

The $249.95 price tag is in line with what you would expect for an ultra-performance booster car seat with a top-of-the-line spec sheet.

Yes, it’s an extra $70 over the competitor UPPAbaby KNOX, which set a high standard for an expensive booster seat, but the Nuna Aace has upped the ante, coaxing for more extras and delivering an improved design (mainly color options) that better suits parents’ tastes and stylish needs.

Although the booster seat is relatively expensive when compared to other options in the market, it offers excellent quality and durability, making it an excellent long-term investment for your child.

There are ultra machines out there that undercut the Aace substantially on price, perhaps most notably the Britax Highpoint, but as with all Nuna car seats, you pay a premium for the brand.

4. Design

Dimensions and Width

Compared to those lightweight and compact booster seats, the Nuna Aace is considered a bit bulky, measuring 14.6″ (length) x 21.5″ (width) x 26″ (height) with the headrest at the lowest position (no adjustment at this time).

The booster seat allows for a 9-position headrest adjustment (mainly moving up for bigger kids), resulting in the height increases a lot, up to 33 inches at the highest position. The width and length changes are not noticeable: 21.5″ vs 22.5″ (width) and 14.6″ vs 15″ (length).

The bulky design makes it obviously not suitable for cars with smaller back seats or tighter spaces between seats. It’s not either a good option if you want to install multiple car seats in the back row. Try to find some narrow car seats if you’re in this situation.

In summary, the Nuna Aace booster seat’s dimensions are average to fit in most vehicles. However, parents should ensure their car has ample space to accommodate the booster seat comfortably.

While the seat’s height may not be suitable for some children, its overall adjustability, safety features, and convenience make it an excellent investment for most families.

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The Nuna Aace booster seat weighs 15.6 pounds, making it slightly heavier than some alternative booster seats on the market.

However, it is still within the average weight range of booster seats, making it relatively easy to move around and install.

The booster seat’s weight primarily affects the seat’s portability, especially when traveling or moving from vehicle to vehicle. While it is not the lightest booster seat, it is still portable and convenient, and most parents should have no trouble moving it around.

The Aace’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. However, its weight could be a disadvantage for parents who need to move it around frequently, such as those who have multiple cars.

In summary, the Nuna Aace has a weight of 15.6 pounds, making it slightly heavier than some alternatives but still within the average weight range of booster seats. Its weight affects its portability and may not be suitable for parents who need to move it around frequently.

However, its lightweight design is still convenient for most parents and makes it easy to carry around during travel. Therefore, the Nuna Aace booster seat is an excellent choice for parents who are not as concerned about its weight and who prioritize safety, comfort, and convenience.

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Cup Holder - One

The Nuna Aace booster seat comes with a cup holder designed to fit most cups and bottles. The cup holder is relatively small in size, and its shape fits most standard beverage sizes. It is made of robust materials that are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your child’s cupholder remains germ-free.

It is conveniently located on the side of the seat, allowing your child to easily access their favorite drinks without interrupting their ride’s comfort. The attachment of the cup holder is secure, and it does not move while driving around, ensuring there are no spills during the ride.

While the cup holder is an excellent addition to the booster seat, some parents may find it challenging to fit larger bottles or cups. Still, its size is ideal for most standard-sized drinks.

Another significant advantage of the Nuna Aace booster seat’s cup holder is that it is removable, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The Nuna Aace booster seat features armrests that provide added comfort and support for your child. Its design is such that it fits most children, ensuring they are at ease and properly positioned during their ride.

In addition to supporting your child’s arms, the armrests also contribute to the booster’s overall stability and safety. Overall, the armrests’ addition to the Nuna Aace makes it more comfortable, secure, and functional.

Color option

The 6 colors should be one of the advantages of the Nuna Aace booster seat because you have more options to find one that best suits both your and your kid’s tastes.
The available colors include (till now in 2023):

CAVIAR: A dark black
GRANITE: Light gray
LAKE: Deep gray
LAGOON: Deep green
CORAL: Light pink
SEAFOAM: Light green

These colors ensure that there is a suitable choice for both girls and boys, with options that cater to different preferences.

The first four colors are more gender-neutral, making them a perfect choice for parents looking for a color that their child can use beyond gender norms.

They are an excellent choice for parents looking for a versatile and classic option that will continue to work well over time. Meanwhile, the LAGOON color has a more vibrant and playful appearance, making it a suitable choice for children who prefer bold colors.

The Coral and Seafoam are better for girls. They are brighter.

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Headrest - 9 Positions

The Nuna Aace booster seat features a 9-position headrest, which is highly practical and easy to use. This is an essential feature for growing kids who start to use this car seat around 5 years to 8 years or older.

The 9-position headrest system provides optimal support for your child’s head and neck, allowing them to sit safely and comfortably. The headrest is designed with a large size and decent padding. Even the side panels are highly padded, adding an extra layer of protection, no matter how tall your kid is. Don’t forget this – the Aace has a top 63-inch height limit.

The practicality of the 9-position headrest system is highly commendable. It is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the headrest system’s height to fit your child’s head precisely.

The 9-position headrest system is also easy to adjust with one hand, making it highly convenient for busy parents. You don’t have to worry about finding the right tool or setting aside extra time to adjust the headrest system.

This number of headrest positions is seldom seen among booster seats, beating its competitors.

Reclines - 8 Positions

The Nuna Aace has 8 recline positions for both high-back and no-back modes. This number of recline positions ranks #1 among booster seats. 


Just look at the car set, and you’ll feel that Nuna Aace should be one of the most comfortable car seats with very thick padding.

The booster seat features both soft and firm padding materials that work together to provide excellent support for your child. The padding is made of high-quality fabrics that are breathable, durable, and easy to clean, ensuring that your child’s ride is comfortable and safe.

The seat cushion is thick and highly durable, ensuring maximum comfort for your child during long rides. The material used in the seat cushion is also breathable, preventing your child from getting too hot during use. The firmness of the cushion is perfect for long journeys, and it’s also easy to clean. The materials used for the padding are of high quality, which guarantees longevity and excellent performance over time.

The ease of use of the padding is highly commendable. It’s machine washable and can be removed from the seat for machine washing, adding convenience for busy parents who don’t have enough time to spend cleaning booster seats.

5. Nuna AACE Safety Rating and Crash Tests

Is it safe to use Nuna AACE?

The Nuna Aace booster seat is a safe and reliable car seat that offers several essential safety features designed to keep your child protected in case of an accident. It provides dependable protection for your growing child while ensuring that they are comfortable and secure during their ride.

Basically, the Aace undergoes rigorous testing to meet or exceed the required safety standards. This ensures that you can rely on the booster seat to keep your child safe and secure during their ride.

One of the most notable safety features of the Nuna Aace booster seat is its side-impact protection system. It has a large-sized headrest to absorb any impact force on your child’s head, shoulders, and torso, offering added protection during an accident.

The seat also features a steel-reinforced frame, along with energy-absorbing foam, which adds strength and durability to the seat, providing added protection.

Another notable safety feature is its energy-absorbing foam and SIP pods, which work together to absorb the impact and protect your child’s head during an accident. The built-in side impact pods on both sides enhance its protection performance.

Side Impact Protection

The Nuna Aace booster seat is designed with side impact pods to offer your child an extra layer of protection in case of a side-impact collision.

The side impact pods consist of foam-filled pods that are strategically placed on the side of the seat’s headrest area. They work together with the booster seat’s structural design to absorb the impact force during a crash, thereby reducing the risk of injury to your child.

The foam-filled pods are designed to enhance both your child’s safety and comfort, providing added cushioning, and ensuring that your child remains comfortable during their ride, while also offering added protection.

The side impact pods give the Nuna Aace booster seat an edge compared to other booster seats in the market regarding safety. They are an added safety feature that ensures your child is protected from side-impact collisions, which is a common type of collision among vehicles.

The booster seat’s structural design, coupled with the side impact pods, results in a high level of safety for your child.

6. Performance

Weight and Height Limits

The Nuna Aace booster seat is a versatile booster car seat that offers two modes to accommodate your child’s growth. It has both a high-back belt-positioning booster mode and a no-back booster mode, giving parents more options for their child’s safety and comfort.

The high-back belt-positioning booster mode is suitable for children within the range of 40-110 pounds and 38-60 inches. In this mode, the backrest provides extra head and neck support, ensuring your child sits comfortably and securely.

The no-back booster mode, on the other hand, is suitable for children within the range of 50-120 pounds and 38-60 inches. After switching to this mode, make sure your child is comfortably seated in the car’s back seat.

The no-back booster mode is perfect for older children who no longer require the extra head and neck support provided by the high-back mode.

It’s essential to keep in mind the weight and height limit of the Nuna Aace booster seat to ensure that it is suitable for your child. The weight and height range for each mode is provided to guide you in selecting the appropriate mode for your child’s age and weight.

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Stage / Modes - 3rd

The Nuna Aace is a classic booster seat, which can be used for the last car seat stage, according to the NHTSA’s definition.

As talked about above, the booster seat offers two modes, including a high-back belt-positioning booster mode and a no-back booster mode.

The high-back belt-positioning booster mode is suitable for children who require extra head and neck support. The backrest offers added protection for your child’s head and neck, making it a reliable choice for younger children.

On the other hand, the no-back booster mode is suitable for older children who do not need the extra head and neck support provided by the high-back mode. Booster seats in this mode are more lightweight and portable, making it an excellent choice for busy parents who are always on the go.

The benefits of the Nuna Aace booster seat include its versatility and reliability. It offers multiple modes that cater to your child’s growth, ensuring that you do not have to purchase a new booster seat as your child grows.

The booster seat also offers top-notch safety features, ensuring that your child remains protected during their ride.

The only drawback of the Nuna Aace booster seat is that it may not be suitable for children who require a 5-point harness system. The booster seat only offers a belt-positioning booster system, which may not be ideal for some parents.

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Age Requirements

The Nuna Aace booster seat is designed for children who have outgrown their infant or convertible car seats, typically ages 4-12.

However, age is not always the best indicator of when to switch to a booster seat. Children must meet the minimum weight and height requirements and be able to sit with their backs against the seat and their feet flat on the floor: 40 lbs/ 38″ for high-back booster mode and 50 lbs/ 38″ for backless booster mode.

Every child grows differently, so it’s important for you to follow the weight and height limits given by the manufacturer. Children should use a booster seat until they are big enough to fit in a seatbelt properly, which is typically around 4’9″.

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Is Nuna Aace FAA approved for use on a plane?

The Nuna Aace is a booster seat. This type of car seat is not FAA-approved for aircraft use.

FAA’s safety regulations require that a child safety restraint device be certified for use in aircraft and display a label stating that it is approved for use on an airplane. This sticker can be found on the side of the car seats. But a booster seat does not have an FAA approval label. If the car seat includes the booster mode, the label would state that it does not have FAA approval for airplane use in this mode.

Booster seats are not certificated for airplane use because they need to be installed with a lap-shoulder belt system, while there is only a lap belt on airplane seats.

If you plan to travel with your child, take an FAA-approved car seat or child safety restraint device that is appropriate for airplane use – commonly a car seat with an internal harness. The lightweight convertible car seats might be the best.

Most airlines allow parents to bring car seats on board; some airlines even offer special seats for infants and toddlers. You can check with your airline beforehand to ensure that you have the appropriate car seat for your child’s safety.

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How long is Nuna AACE car seat good for

The Nuna Aace booster seat has a lifespan of around 10 years from the date of manufacture. The reasons are obvious. The components, including the frame, the plastic, the straps, and the padding, may start to degrade and weaken over time, reducing the seat’s effectiveness in protecting your child.

But the 10-year usable time is long enough until the last day when your kid doesn’t need a car seat, even though the actual use time maybe not be that long.

If you find your Nuna Aace car seat is approaching its expiry date, you’ll need to dispose of it correctly. Check the best practices and advice from safety experts and other experienced parents to deal with expired or older car seats.

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The Nuna Aace booster seat comes with a limited warranty that covers the product for two years, starting from the date of original purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse of the car seat, normal wear, and tear, or damage caused by accidents or collisions.

7. Nuna AACE Installation

Before starting to install the car seat, you may where to put it. The center of the back seat is probably the safest position to install a car seat.

If possible, install the car seat on that spot. If that seat is not applicable for a proper installation, for example lacking a shoulder belt, either seat on the side would be safe. You may choose any of them based on your family’s and kid’s needs.

Remember: Booster seats must be installed or used with a lap-shoulder belt system. Choose that seating spot to place the Aace before installing.

Install Nuna Aace in High-back Mode

Nuna Aace high-back installation without LATCH

1. The back of the booster seat MUST fit tightly against the back of the vehicle seat back when not using the Lower Anchors. Adjust or remove the vehicle headrest as needed to remove interference.

If you remove your vehicle headrest, be sure to stow it in a secure place; check your vehicle owner’s manual.

2.  Do not use with seat back beyond position 2 (reclined position). The front of the booster MUST NOT hang over the front of the vehicle seat.

Install with LATCH Connectors

The booster has a recline feature to best fit your vehicle and provide maximum comfort to your child.

1 – Place the vehicle seat back in a normal upright position. Connect booster to vehicle Lower Anchors (see Use of Lower Anchors). Ensure the bottom of the booster is in full contact with the vehicle seat.

2 – Adjust the seat bottom by holding the Recline Lever and moving the seat in or out to obtain the desired recline as shown in (1). Ensure the back of the booster is in contact with the vehicle seat as shown in (2). Adjust or remove the vehicle headrest as needed to remove interference. If you remove your vehicle headrest, be sure to stow it in a secure place; check your vehicle owner’s manual.

3 – WARNING: NEVER use a booster when reclined beyond the recline position 2.

Nuna Aace No-back Installation

Install Nuna Aace without the LATCH connectors

1. Place the back of the booster against the back of the vehicle seat back.

2. In the No Back Booster mode, the recline function cannot be used.

Install Nuna Aace Using LATCH Connectors

1. Remove the seat back.

2. Connect the Lower Anchor Connectors to the vehicle’s Lower Anchors. 

3. While holding the Lower Anchor Release Lever, adjust the booster until it is in contact with the vehicle’s seat back.

Nuna AACE Car Seat Manual

You should always read the user manual before starting to install and use it for riding your child. 

The Nuna Aace manual is stored in a small storage slot at the bottom of the car seat, but you can always find the online user manual on its official website, or download the PDF here.

8. Specification and Comparison

Suitable forBig kids
Portability (1-10)6. Bulkdy and heavy duty
Weight (pounds)15.6
Weight limits (lb.)40-110 for high-back; 50-120 lb for backless
Height limit (inch)38-60″
DimensionL 15″ x W 22.5″ x H 26-33″
Cup holderOne
Age Range4-8 years or older
InstallationLATCH and seat belt
Headrest Positions9
Recline positions8
Lifespan8 Years
Extra Features

Nuna AACE vs UPPAbaby ALTA

Car Seats Comparision UPPAbaby ALTA Nuna AACE
Price $179.99 on Amazon $250 on Nuna Website
High-back Booster Capacity 40–100 lbs /38–57 in 40 to 110 lbs /38 to 60 in/ 4 years or older
Backless Booster Capacity - 0 to 120 lbs /38 to 60 in/ at least 5 years old
Headrest Positions 7 8
Recline 0 9
Color 4 6
Installation SecureFit™ belt routing system Lower anchor and colored belt path
Side impact protection
Side impact pods
Width 19" 22.5"
Weight 16.6 pounds 15.6 pounds
Cup holder One One

*About the height limit for rear-facing: The top of the head must be 1” (2.5 cm) below the headrest adjustment lever.

9. Alternatives

What other booster car seats should you consider?

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