Chicco GoFit Plus Review -Most Comfortable Backless Booster Car Seat

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster

Chicco GoFit Plus

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The Chicco GoFit Plus delivers a similar performance to the majority of the backless booster seats on the market, including a top weight limit of 110 lbs (actually 10 pounds higher than most), a standard 57″ height limit, two cup holders, and lightweight and portable design. The ergonomic design, integrated with well padded seat pad, comfortable armrest and machine washable fabrics give the backless booster seat flair.

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Chicco GoFit Plus Review - Most Comfortable Backless Booster Car Seat

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1. Pros and Cons



2. Who Is It Best For?

Will the Chicco GoFit Plus Be a Good Fit For Your Child and Family?

The Chicco GoFit Plus has been designed with big kids in mind. The 110-pound capacity makes it good to accommodate kids around 7 or 8 years and older. On the other hand, the minimum requirement of 40 pounds means that big toddlers at 4 years old could use this backless booster seat as well.

It’s a great choice for parents who are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, and comfortable car seat for their child. Weighing only 5.5 pounds, the Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster car seat is really lightweight and easy to move from one car to another. The manufacturer has this in mind and designed a carry handle, making it effortless to take it wherever you go, even your kid could manage to carry it by themselves.

3. Value for Money

Is the price tag worth it?

I once used a Chicco GoFit Plus and my overall feeling is positive about this backless booster seat. 

The Chicco GoFit Plus isn’t going to be the cheapest or lightest. But the 5.5-pound weight is still manageable and portable. The only obstacle is the high price (double or more to other cheap models like Graco TurboBooster and Cosco Topside). However, it sure makes up for the weight limit (110 pounds vs 100 pounds), comfort (thicker padding), and easy to use (LATCH connector). 

The Chicco GoFit Plus delivers a similar performance to most of the standard backless booster seats on the market, as shown by my suggested alternatives. As a result, it comes down to price. Luckily, the GoFit Plus delivers here. The ergonomic design, premium-material-made armrest, LATCH connector, and two cup holders give the booster seat flair.

The Plus is an upgraded version of the original GoFit version, with improved premium fabrics used on the armrest for comfort and a LATCH system for easy installation. The result is that the price goes up a little ($59.99 vs $44.98).

Apparently, the Chicco GoFit Plus is more expensive than other backless boosters – that’s the common down point for all Chicco car seats.

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Chicco GoFit Plus vs GoFit

Car Seats Comparison Chicco GoFit Plus Chicco GoFit
Price $59.99 $44.99
Weight limits (lb) Booster: 40-110 Booster: 40-110
Height limits (in) Booster: 57" Booster: 57"
Installation LATCH/ Seat belt Seat belt
Width 15 inches 15 inches
Car Seat Weight 5.5 lb. 5.5 lb.
Machine-washable fabric
Cup Holder Two Two
Carry handle
Armrest material Leatherette Fabrics

4. Design

Dimensions and Width

Like all backless booster seats, the Chicco GoFit Plus is compact in size. It measures 15” W x 17”D x  8.5”H,  including two cup holders attached on both sides. The dimensions remain as its previous sibling.

Obviously, the GoFit Plus has a relatively slim design compared to other boosters on the market, which may make it easier to fit three of them across the backseat of a car, even in small cars.

That’s a great advantage that backless booster seats have over other types of car seats. You don’t even need to care about the size and shape of the car’s backseat – an important thing if you want to install three convertible car seats side by side in a row. 

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Backless booster seats should be the lightest among all five types of car seats. It’s easy to understand – no backrest there to add to the weight.

So it’s not surprising to know the Chicco GoFit Plus weighs around 5.5 pounds, which is relatively lightweight and makes it easy to move from one car to another or to take along while traveling.

It’s not the lightest booster seat – Cosco Topside is 2.2 pounds while Bubblebum and Hiccapop are lighter in weight at around 1 pound. But I still give the Chicco GoFit Plus a rating of 9.5 out of 10 in terms of portability. Its lightweight design and compact size make it one of the most portable car seats, and it can easily fit in a trunk or be taken on a plane for travel. 

Moreover, it comes equipped with a carrying handle – located at the back of the car seat, which could make it a bit more convenient to move around compared to booster seats that don’t have this feature.

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Cup Holder - Two

Cup holders might be one of the notable features of the GoFit Plus backless booster seat. More than most cup holders that are designed to accommodate drinks and snacks for your child, they are removable and foldable.

Made of soft and durable plastics that can withstand daily wear and tear, they are easy to install and remove, and importantly, fold. It seems all Chicco car seats have this design for cup holders and give it a new name – CupFolder. This is very helpful if you have to install multiple car seats side by side and there is no more space for cup holders. 

However, this would be opposite to the purpose of cup holders – hold and store the drinks and snacks for your child. This is not a problem for Chicco GoFit Plus anyway.

The cup holders are located on either side of the booster seat, making it easy for your child to access their drinks and snacks while on the go. They are adjustable and can accommodate a variety of cup sizes, making them versatile and practical. They are also removable, which makes cleaning the booster seat a breeze.

Color option

The Chicco GoFit Plus booster seat is available in several different colors, including Iron, Stream, and Vivaci.

It’s worth noting that there are no specific colors designated for boys or girls, and any of the available colors can be suitable for children of any gender. The Vivaci is very similar to purple and more feminine than the other two colors. Ultimately, color preference is a matter of personal taste and individual preference.

Parents may choose a color that matches their child’s personality, the interior of their vehicle, or simply their own personal preference. Chicco offers a variety of colors to choose from, making it easy for parents to find a booster seat that fits their needs and style.

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ErgoBooster Design

The ErgoBooster design is a unique feature that sets the Chicco GoFit Plus apart from other backless booster car seats on the market. It is specifically engineered to provide a comfortable and secure fit for children of varying sizes and shapes.

This design is completely contoured to fit the child’s bottom and thighs, providing max support and comfort. The contoured shape also helps to keep the child properly positioned in the seat and prevents them from sliding around or leaning to the side. Additionally, the seat has extra padding for added comfort during long car rides.

From our point of view, after reviewing 50+ car seats, Chicco car seats have a unique ergonomic design that makes them different from other manufacturers, like Graco, Safety 1st, Evenflo, and Britax. It’s easy to distinguish a Chicco car seat from other brands.

The ErgoBooster design, along with two adjustable armrests that can be moved up or down, provides a comfortable and secure fit for children of different sizes.


The Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat features two padded armrests that provide additional comfort and support for your child. The armrests are located on either side of the seat and are good to help your child maintain a comfortable and safe seating position during car rides.

They are adjustable, allowing you to position them at the right height for your child’s comfort. The padding on the armrests is made of the high-density leatherrette foam that different from the fabric used in the seat and backrest, but still providing both comfort and support. This is one of the main upgraded features in the Go Plus version. 

Having armrests on a booster seat can be particularly helpful for younger children who may have difficulty staying in the correct seating position while in the car. The armrests can provide a sense of stability and help your child feel more secure and comfortable while riding in the car.


Made of durable, high-quality materials, the Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat would withstand regular use and provide long-lasting protection for your child

The seat shell consists of plastic, which is lightweight and strong and can withstand the forces generated during a crash. The seat cover uses a soft, breathable fabric that is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

The GoFit Plus backless booster also features ErgoBoost double foam padding in the seat and backrest, which provides additional comfort and support for your child during long car rides. The padding seems thick and is made of high-density foam, which is firm enough to provide support but also soft enough to cushion your child’s body and help them stay comfortable.

5. Chicco GoFit Safety Rating and Crash Tests

Is it safe to use Chicco GoFit Plus?

The Chicco GoFit Plus booster car seat is safe to use as it has passed various safety standards and regulations set by the government.

It is one of the car seats that meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213) and is certified for use in motor vehicles. This booster seat has been tested for structural integrity, flammability, and chemical composition to ensure that it meets safety standards.

The Chicco GoFit Plus also has a good safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It received a 4-star overall rating from the NHTSA, which is a high rating for a booster seat. The NHTSA rates car seats based on their ease of use, instructions, and how well they protect children in crash tests.

6. Performance

Weight and Height Limits

The Chicco GoFit Plus is a backless booster. The weight and height limits for this car seat are important considerations for parents who want to ensure their child’s safety while traveling.

First, it has a top weight limit of 110 pounds, which means it can accommodate older children of various sizes and ages. Like all the other booster seats, it has a minimum weight requirement – of 40 pounds. Why 40-pound? It’s the mandatory weight requirement by NHTSA and the car seat laws.

In terms of height, the Chicco GoFit Plus has a maximum height limit of 57 inches, which is approximately 4 feet 9 inches. That’s the same as other booster seats and all-in-one car seats with a booster mode.

Why 57-inch? This is also required by the car seat laws in the US. That means, as long as your kid reaches 57 inches tall, they can stop using a car seat, legally. Commonly, your kid is ready to use the seat belt when they’re 57 inches.

It is important to keep in mind that these weight and height limits are general guidelines and may vary depending on your child’s individual size and development. Additionally, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for installation and use of the Chicco GoFit Plus to ensure maximum safety for your child.

Stage / Modes -3rd

Booster seats are designed to be used as a car seat for older children who have outgrown their harnessed car seats but are still too small to use a regular seat belt without a booster seat.

Specifically, the Chicco GoFit is suitable for children who weigh between 40 and 110 pounds and are between 38 and 57 inches tall.

In terms of car seat stages, it’s apparently classified as a Stage 3 car seat. This is because it’s intended for use by children who have outgrown their Stage 2 harnessed car seats but still require a booster seat to ensure their safety in the car. Stage 3 car seats are typically used by children who are between 4 and 12 years old, depending on their height and weight.

It’s important to note that, while the Chicco GoFit is a backless booster seat, there are also high-back booster seats available that provide additional support and protection for a child’s head and neck. High-back booster seats are typically recommended for younger children or those who may still fall asleep in the car, as they provide more side-impact protection and help keep a child’s head from falling forward.

Parents should consult their car seat’s manual and the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine the best type of booster seat for their child’s needs.

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Age Range

There is no specific age limit for using the Chicco GoFit Plus, as a child’s weight and height are generally better indicators of when they are ready to transition to a regular seat belt. So you’d better use the car seat based on the weight and height requirements given by the manufacturer: 40-110 pounds and 38-57 inches.

In terms of car seat laws, it’s important to note that the requirements for car seat use vary by state and can depend on a child’s age, weight, and height. In general, most states require the use of a car seat or booster seat until a child is at least 8 years old or 57 inches or taller, although some states may have different age or weight requirements.

The Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat meets all applicable federal safety standards and has been certified for use in motor vehicles in the United States.

However, it’s ultimately up to parents to ensure that they are following their state’s car seat laws and guidelines for their child’s age, weight, and height. Parents should consult their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation for specific information on car seat requirements in their area.

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Is Chicco GoFit Plus FAA approved for use on a plane?

The Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat is not FAA approved for use on airplanes as it does not have a built-in harness.

According to the FAA guidelines, only car seats that have a built-in harness and are labeled with “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft” are approved for use on airplanes. While in the manual for GoFit Plus, the manufacturer makes it clear that this backless booster seat is not certificated for use on the plane. 

Therefore, while the Chicco GoFit backless booster seat can be used in cars, it cannot be used as a car seat on airplanes. Children who are required to use a car seat or booster seat on an airplane should use a car seat that meets the FAA’s safety standards and is approved for use on airplanes.

Just for a reminder, your kid probably does not need a booster seat for air travel. According to the FAA, kids under 40 pounds should use a car seat on planes, whilst all the booster seats have a 40-pound minimum weight requirement. If your kid is small and needs to sit in a car seat on the plane, you may pick one from the lightweight convertible car seat for air travel. 

Parents should always check with the airline in advance to ensure that they are following their specific regulations and guidelines regarding child safety seats on flights.


How long is Chicco GoFit Plus car seat good for

The Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat has an expiration date of 7 years from the date of manufacture. The expiration date is typically printed on a sticker located on the bottom of the seat.

If you start to use this booster for your kid when they’re 4 years old and there might be a one or two-year gap before you purchase it from the manufacture date, the 7-year lifespan is still good and long enough.

It’s important to replace a car seat or booster seat after its expiration date has passed, as the materials and components can degrade over time and may not provide the same level of protection in the event of a crash.

Additionally, car seats should be replaced after any significant impact or accident, even if there is no visible damage, as the structural integrity of the seat may be compromised.

If you’re unsure about the expiration date of your Chicco GoFit Plus, you can check the sticker on the seat itself or contact Chicco customer service for assistance.

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The Chicco provides a 90-day limited warranty for the GoFit Plus booster car seat, starting from the date of original purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse of the car seat, normal wear, and tear, or damage caused by accidents or collisions.

7. Chicco GoFit Plus Installation

Before starting to install the car seat, you may where to put it. The center of the back seat is probably the safest position to install a car seat.

If possible, install the car seat on that spot. If that seat is not applicable for a proper installation, for example lacking a shoulder belt, either seat on the side would be safe. You may choose any of them based on your family’s and kid’s needs.

Secure the unoccupied Booster Seat with either LATCH or the vehicle belt by following the appropriate steps below.

Install Chicco GoFit Plus with LATCH

Use of LATCH with this Booster Seat is optional. If the LATCH Connectors are not used, pull the LATCH Tightening Strap snug so that the LATCH Connectors do not interfere with the seat belt.

  1. If using LATCH, pull the LATCH Release Handle (a) and pull out both LATCH Connectors (b).
  2. Locate the LATCH lower anchor bars in your vehicle. Attach both LATCH Connectors to the vehicle lower anchor bars.
  3. Pull on the LATCH Tightening Strap and push back on the seat bottom to snug up the Booster Seat to the vehicle seat back.

If you want to release the LATCH Connectors and remove the Booster Seat, pull firmly on the LATCH Release Handle while pulling the Booster Seat out and away from the vehicle seat. Then pull the LATCH Adjustment Strap tight to store the LATCH Connectors.

Install Using Lap/Shoulder Belt

The child’s ears must be below the vehicle seat back or vehicle head restraint when sitting on Booster Seat.

  1. Place the child into the Booster Seat, making sure the child is sitting with his/her back against the vehicle seat back.
  2. Route the lap belt UNDER the 1st Armrest, across the child’s thighs, then route the shoulder belt and the lap belt UNDER the 2nd Armrest closest to the vehicle buckle as shown. Lap-Shoulder belts MUST be under ARMRESTS, as shown.
  3. Buckle the seat belt.

Secure the Child in Chicco GoFit Plus

No matter you use the vehicle seat belt for installation or not, you should always use the lap-shoulder belt to secure your child in a booster seat, including the GoFit Plus backless booster car seat.

The first three steps are the same as the above in the seat belt installation. The step 4, 5, and 6 are following:

4. To adjust the Shoulder Positioning Clip, pull the clip up or down to adjust the Shoulder Positioning Clip to be at child’s shoulder.

5. Slide the vehicle shoulder belt through the Shoulder Positioning Clip (as shown). Shoulder Positioning Clip must be at child’s shoulder. If necessary, re-adjust the location of the Clip to ensure that the seat belt lays flat and snug across the child’s chest and the lap belt lays flat and snug across the child’s thighs.

6. Child is now secured correctly. When using this Booster Seat, the Shoulder Positioning Clip must be used until the seat belt naturally lays flat across the center of the child’s shoulder.

Chicco GoFit Car Seat Manual

You should always read the user manual before starting to install and use it for riding your child. 

The Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat manual is stored in a small storage slot under the seat pad of the car seat, but you can always find the online user manual on its official website, or download the PDF here.

8. Specification and Comparison

Suitable forBig kids
Portability (1-10)9.5 Lightweight and compact
Weight (pounds)5.5
Weight limits (lb.)40-110 for booster
Height limit (inch)57” 
Dimension15 x 17 x 8.5″ WDH
Cup holderTwo
Age Range4-8 years and older
InstallationLATCH and seat belt
Headrest Positions
Recline positions
Lifespan7 Years
Extra FeaturesLATCH connectors, ErgoBooster design

Chicco GoFit Plus vs Diono Solana 2 XL

Car Seats Comparison Chicco GoFit Plus Diono Solana 2 XL
Price $59.99 $59.99
Weight limits (lb) Booster: 40-110 Booster: 40-120
Height limits (in) Booster: 57" Booster: 63"
Installation LATCH/ Seat belt LATCH/ Seat belt
Width 15 inches 16 inches
Car Seat Weight 5.5 lb. 5.5 lb.
Machine-washable fabric
Cup Holder Two Two
Storage compartment - Two
Carry handle -
Armrest material Letherette Fabric

*About the height limit for rear-facing: The top of the head must be 1” (2.5 cm) below the headrest adjustment lever.

9. Alternatives

What other booster car seats should you consider?

Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster

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Diono Solana 2 Latch Backless Booster

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Cosco TopSide Backless Booster

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