Evenflo Chase LX Review – 9 Reasons to Get Best Budget Harnessed Booster Seat

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Claiming the honor of being one of the cheapest and most lightweight harnessed booster seats, the Evenflo Chase LX is the perfect wingman for parents craving a little more zip as they ride with the kids with reliable protection in supreme comfort and style.

Boasting top weight and height limits of 120 lbs/ 57″ and an eye-popping design of removable head pillow in different colors, this booster seat with a 5-point harness extends its use to the step-up after the infant car seats. In fact, you will not find a higher size limit harnessed booster under $80. Period.

Building on the already impressive stats, the Evenflo Chase LX’s adjustable headrest, which combines a harness and removable head pillow delivers a level of comfort that is commonly seen on car seats twice its price. No other harnessed booster in the sub $80 comes close to the Chase LX’s excellent size.

Also, the LX in the name is not related to an upgrade for an older car seat, but the manufacturer has this because of its outstanding height and weight limits among 5-point harnessed booster seats.

*Price may change due to e-commerce platform and brand sales promotion.

Evenflo Chase LX Review - Best Budget Harnessed Booster Seat

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1. Pros and Cons



2. Who Is It Best For?

Will the Evenflo Chase LX Be a Good Fit For Your Child and Family?

Evenflo has delivered on its promise to create a model that balances weight and height limits with a frame that is both lightweight and relatively compact.

Alongside the Chase LX’s budget price tag, great weight and height limits, a durable frame, and machine washable fabrics, it lends itself to parents who want a reliable and safe car seat for daily use.

It has been designed to be the last car seat option to grow with the kids for its 120 lbs/ 57″ size limit. Combined with its 4-position headrest and harness strap adjustment, we recommend the Evenflo Chase LX for families looking for a versatile entry-level harnessed booster seat.

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3. Value for Money

Is the price tag worth it?

The Evenflo Chase LX offers incredible value for money when you consider the great size limit and quality that it delivers. 110 lbs/ 57″ size limit is rare to find on a harnessed booster seat of this price tag ($79.99), and it spares no expense in the perfect fit for growing kids from when they’re toddlers. The Chase LX very closely rivals the specifications of harnessed booster seats that are significantly more expensive.

Complemented by an adjustable 4-position headrest and harness system, machine washable fabrics, and cup holders, the Chase LX offers the versatility, comfort, and convenience of a machine that should set you back a lot more money.

By comparison, the KidsEmbrace SpiderMan is practically the same harnessed booster seat with the same height limit, two cup holders, a lower booster weight limit (100 lbs vs 110 lbs), and one fewer headrest position, yet it costs $179.99. Chase LX, instead, offers you the harnessed booster seat for far less. But the KidsEmbrace SpiderMan has its own advantage – with the Marvel hero SpiderMan imprinted on the seat cover.

Ultimately, Evenflo has undercut the market to offer the Chase LX at a budget price – it’s a win-win for everyone.

Further Information

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4. Design

Evenflo Chase LX Dimensions and Width

Measuring 18.5″ (W) x 18″ (D) x 29.5″ (H), the Evenflo Chase LX is not the narrowest car seat on the market. However, it’s not overly bulky either, compared to those convertible or all-in-one car seats. It has a relatively slim design that would fit stably in most vehicles, including mid-size and larger vehicles. 

The 18.5-inch width is competitive with our best recommendations for narrow car seats. In that post, we have ranked the Britax Marathon which is 18.5-inch wide in the list. However, it’s always recommended to measure the space available in your vehicle to ensure that the car seat will fit properly and securely.

If you want to use it in smaller cars, the Evenflo Chase LX may be a bit more challenging to fit, especially if you need to install it next to another car seat. If you have to install multiple car seats in the back row or want to have two car seats installed side by side to leave one seat left for the passenger, it’s better to use a narrower one, like the Chicco MyFit. See also the best car seats to fit 3 across.

From its weight and height limits, we know that the Evenflo Chase LX is a combination harness booster car seat designed for children who are at least 22 pounds and up to 110 pounds, so it may not be the ideal option for families with newborns or younger infants who need a rear-facing car seat. This means that the car seat can be used for front-facing installation only, reducing the guess to measure the space it needs in reclined or rear-facing.

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The Evenflo Chase LX weighs approximately 9.14 pounds, which is considered relatively lightweight for a combination harness booster car seat. This makes it easy to carry and move around, especially for parents who need to transfer the car seat between vehicles or travel with it.

In terms of portability, considering its relatively lightweight and compact design, the Chase LX will earn itself a high score – 8.5 out of 10, making it a good option to be easily carried onto planes or trains for travel. However, this car seat is still relatively bulky compared to those models that are foldable, so it may be challenging to fit it into tight spaces or carry it for long distances.

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Cup Holder - Two

The Evenflo Chase LX comes equipped with two integrated cup holders that are located on both sides of the car seat. They help add comfort and convenience for children during car rides, as it allows them to easily access their drinks or snacks without having to reach for them.

Both cup holders are molded into the car seat and can securely hold the cups or water bottles in place, even during bumpy rides.

To use the cup holder, simply place the cup or snack container into the molded area on the front corner of the car seat. 

One thing that needs your attention is the cup holder design. It’s not as deep as other higher-end models. This will cause a problem that can’t hold the cups as stable as other car seats.

Headrest and Harness - 4 Positions

The Evenflo Chase LX car seat has 4 different headrest positions, which can be adjusted using the lever located at the back of the seat. 

The car seat also has a 5-point harness system, which is adjustable and can be customized to fit your child’s size and shape. 

It’s a pity that the Chase LX does not feature a no-rethread adjustment so that you can move the headrest and harness up and down at the same time. Instead, you’ll need to move the headrest at first and then adjust the harness to a desired position for the best fit based on your kid’s size and age.

The harness straps can be adjusted using the strap adjuster located at the front of the seat, and there are multiple harness heights to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your child.

When adjusting the headrest and harness straps, it’s important to do so in the proper order to ensure that your child is properly secured and comfortable in the car seat.

Head and Body Support

The Evenflo Chase LX car seat comes equipped with a removable head pillow and body pillow for added comfort and support for infants and younger children. After all, the car seat starts from a 5-point harness mode and can be used for small kids as young as 2 years old – this is the minimum age requirement stated in the Chase LX’s manual.  

These pillows, especially the body pillow, can be used to provide additional support and cushioning, especially for smaller babies who may need extra support. They may need extras to reach the lowest position of the harness straps.

These accessories are removable as your kid grows bigger and can have more control of their head and body.


The Evenflo Chase LX is made of durable and high-quality materials to provide safety and comfort to your child while traveling.

The car seat’s padding is made of energy-absorbing foam, which provides a comfortable and safe seating experience for your child. The foam is designed to absorb energy and provide cushioning in case of an impact. The seat cover is made of soft and breathable fabric, which helps to keep your child cool and comfortable.

But you won’t want to take the Chase LX for long road trips. The padding is very limited, resulting in some areas on the car seat not being that comfortable for big kids who may feel the plastic framework in the car.

5. Evenflo Cahse LX Safety Rating

Does Evenflo Chase LX pass the crash tests?


It is safe to use Evenflo Chase LX to ride your child because this car seat, as all the others, meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards for child car seats in the United States. It has been rigorously tested to ensure that it provides optimal protection for children during car rides.

The Evenflo Chase LX has undergone several crash tests to ensure its safety. These crash tests include:

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 213: This test is designed to measure the effectiveness of the car seat’s restraint system in protecting children during a frontal impact crash.

Side Impact Crash Test: This test measures the effectiveness of the car seat in protecting children from side impact collisions.

Structural Integrity Test: This test measures the strength and durability of the car seat’s structure to ensure that it can withstand a crash.

The Evenflo Chase LX has passed all of these crash tests, which demonstrates that it provides good protection for children in the event of a crash.

Furthermore, the Evenflo Chase LX comes with several safety features that help to protect children during car rides, including a 5-point harness system, an energy-absorbing foam liner, and a side-impact protection system.

Side Impact Protection

When used in the 5-point harness mode, the Evenflo Chase LX features a side-impact protection system that is designed to provide additional protection to children in the event of a side-impact collision. This system includes a combination of features that work together to absorb and dissipate the energy from a crash, reducing the impact on the child’s head and torso.

The side-impact protection system in the Evenflo Chase LX includes the following features:

Energy-Absorbing Foam: The car seat has an energy-absorbing foam liner that is designed to absorb and dissipate the energy from a crash, reducing the impact on the child’s head and torso.

Adjustable Headrest: The car seat has an adjustable headrest that can be positioned to provide additional protection to the child’s head and neck.

Shoulder Belt Guide: The car seat has a shoulder belt guide that is designed to ensure that the vehicle’s seat belt is properly positioned across the child’s shoulder and chest, reducing the risk of injury in a side-impact collision.

6. Performance

Evenflo Chase LX Weight and Height Limits

The Evenflo Chase LX is a combination harnessed booster seat that is designed to accommodate children who weigh between 22-110 pounds and who are between 28-57 inches in height. The car seat has two modes: forward-facing with a harness and belt-positioning booster.

In the forward-facing mode with a harness, the Chase LX is suitable for kids weighing between 22-40 pounds within 50 inches tall. This mode is suitable for infants and toddlers who are transitioning from rear-facing car seats and who still require protection with a 5-point harness. 

The 50-inch harness height limit is one inch more than the 49″ of most booster seats with a 5-point harness, except the Chicco MyFit – it features 54″ for the harness height limit.

After transitioning to the belt-positioning booster mode, the Chase LX is used to accommodate children between 40-110 pounds within the 57 inches top height limit. This mode is suitable for older children who have outgrown the harness and who are ready to use a seat belt instead. 

The 40-pound is the minimum weight requirement to use a booster. That’s the general rule for all booster seats because the car seat laws in the United States require that. The 110-pound top weight limit stands out among the combination harnessed boosters and even rivals some all-in-one car seats’ booster weight limits.

The Evenflo Chase LX car seat is designed to grow with your child, allowing parents to adjust the car seat as their child grows. The car seat has a 5-point harness system that can be adjusted to accommodate different heights, ensuring a proper and secure fit for growing children. The adjustable headrest (4 positions available) also allows parents to adjust the car seat’s height, ensuring that the seat belt is properly positioned across the child’s shoulder and chest.

Stage / Modes - 2nd and 3rd

The Evenflo Chase LX car seat has two stages: forward-facing with a harness and belt-positioning booster. This car seat can be used for children who weigh between 22-110 pounds and who are between 28-57 inches in height.

The forward-facing stage is suitable for children who weigh between 22-40 pounds and are between 28-50 inches in height. This stage is designed to accommodate infants and toddlers who are transitioning from rear-facing car seats and still require the protection of a harness.

The belt-positioning booster stage is suitable for older children who weigh between 40-110 pounds and are between 43-57 inches in height. This stage is designed to provide children with the comfort and support they need while using a regular seat belt.

In terms of competition, the Evenflo Chase LX car seat performs well compared to other car seats in its price range. It offers a good combination of safety features, comfort, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for parents who want a reliable and affordable car seat.

Some other car seats in this price range include the Graco Nautilus 65 LX and the Cosco Finale DX. The Graco Nautilus 65 LX is similar to the Evenflo Chase LX in terms of weight and height limits, and it also has a 5-point harness system that can be adjusted to fit growing children. The Cosco Finale DX is also similar in weight and height limits but is slightly more compact, making it a good option for parents who have smaller vehicles.

Overall, the Evenflo Chase LX car seat offers good value for its price and is a solid choice for parents who want a safe, comfortable, and versatile car seat for their child.

Age Range

Age is not the leading factor to determine how you use the car seat, only the height and weight limits are because the kids grow at different paces. However, the age limit for each stage of the Evenflo Chase LX car seat can fall within an approximate range depending on the car seat’s weight and height limits.

This gives a rough idea for parents to focus on the car seat’s weight and height limits and their child’s size and development to determine when it’s time to switch to a different stage.

In the forward-facing 5-point harness stage, the Chase LX is able to fit kids within 65 lbs/ 50“. Depending on the child’s growth rate, they may use this car seat until they are around 5 years old. 

After switching to the belt-positioning booster stage, the Chase LX car seat allows a top size limit of 110 lbs/ 57″. That means kids around 8 years old can use this car seat before they’re ready to use the vehicle’s seat belt. 

From the estimated age range based on the height and weight limit, it’s easy to know that the Evenflo Chase LX would be the last car seat your kid needs. After they outgrow the 110 lbs weight limit or 57″ height limit, that means they’re big enough to stop using a car seat.


Is Evenflo Chase LX FAA approved for use on a plane?

The Evenflo Chase LX car seat is FAA certified for use on airplanes only in the harness mode. That’s the same as other car seats with a 5-point harness. Because there is only a lap belt in the seat on the plane, while the booster seats are required to be installed with a lap/shoulder belt according to the federal safety standards on the car seats. 

So, if you switch to the booster mode and stored the harness, do not use the Chase LX on a plane. It’s not allowed!

If your kid is big enough to use the booster seat – at least 4 years old, he or she is not required to use a car seat on a plane.

If you are planning to fly with a child, it is generally recommended that parents use an FAA-approved child restraint device or CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) harness when flying with a child who needs to be secured in a seat. These devices are designed specifically for use on airplanes and meet the safety standards required by the FAA. They are also designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easier to carry and install on the plane.

Also, it’s a good idea to check with your airline to confirm that Chase LX is allowed on your flight and what the specific regulations and requirements are.


How long is Evenflo Chase LX harness booster seat good for

Like all car seats, the Evenflo Chase LX car seat has an expiration date. It has an expiration date of around 6 years from the date of manufacture. This date of manufacture is typically located on a sticker on the bottom or side of the car seat and can also be found in the car seat manual. While the expiration date may not be given directly on the same sticker and you’ll need to do a simple calculation to get it. Check our post on when Evenflo car seats expire to find more.

The expiration date is important because car seats are made from materials that can deteriorate over time, which can affect their safety and effectiveness in a crash. In addition, car seat technology and safety standards can change over time, so an older car seat may not meet the current safety standards or offer the same level of protection as a newer model.


The Evenflo provides a 90-day limited warranty for the Chase LX booster car seat, starting from the date of original purchase. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse or abuse of the car seat, normal wear, and tear, or damage caused by accidents or collisions.

7. Evenflo Chase LX Installation

Before starting to install the car seat, you may where to put it. The center of the back seat is probably the safest position to install a car seat.

If possible, install the car seat on that spot. If that seat is not applicable for a proper installation, for example lacking a shoulder belt, either seat on the side would be safe. You may choose any of them based on your family’s and kid’s needs.

Install Evenflo Chase LX in 5-point Harness Mode

LATCH or Seat Belt

When using the Evenflo Chase LX in the 5-point harness mode, parents can choose to use the lap-shoulder seat belt or the LATCH connectors to install the car seat, whichever mode you prefer.

According to the instructions in the Evenflo Chase LX car seat manual, the seat belt installation way is recommended.

Just follow the detaled steps in the manual for a proper and tight installation.

Converting Evenflo Chase LX to a Booster

1. Loosen harness. Press the harness release button while pulling outward on the harness straps, as shown. Disconnect the chest clip.

2. Remove both Harness Straps from the Splitter Plate and pull them through to the front of the seat.

3. Disconnect all J-clips and all Retaining Strips, then remove the Seat Pad.

4. Route the Harness Straps through Adjustment Slots, then attach them to Splitter Plate.

5. Tuck the Chest Clip and Buckle Tongues into the recesses on either side of the seat shell.

6. Remove the Crotch Strap. Locate the crotch strap anchor on the bottom. Turn the anchor sideways and push it through the seat shell to remove it.

7. Install the seat pad. Your child restraint is now in Booster Mode and ready for a child who meets the following requirements:

  • Weight: 18 to 49.8 kg (40 to 110 lbs)
  • Height: 110 to 145 cm (43.3 to 57 in.) and tops of the child’s ears are at or below the top of child restraint headrest
  • Age: At least 4 years old

Then you can secure the child with a lap-shoulder belt as normally


You should always read the user manual before starting to install and use it for riding your child. 

The Evenflo Chase LX manual is stored in a small storage slot behind the cover of the car seat, but you can always find the online user manual on its official website, or download the PDF here.

8. Specifications

Suitable forToddlers and big kids
Portability (1-10)8. Lightweight but a little bulky
Weight (pounds)9.14
Weight limits (lb.)22-65 for forward-facing; 40-110 for booster
Height limit (inch)50” for FF; 57″ for booster
Dimension18″ x 18.5″ x 29.5″ DWH
Cup holderTwo
Age Range1-8 years or older
Stage2nd, 3rd
InstallationLATCH and seat belt
Headrest Positions4
Recline positions
Lifespan6 Years
Extra Features

Evenflo Chase LX vs Chase Plus

Car Seats Comparison Evenflo Chase LX Evenflo Chase Plus
Price $79.99 $64.99
Weight limits (lb) FF:22-40 / Booster: 40-120 FF:22-40 / Booster: 40-120
Height limits (in) FF: 28-50" / Booster: 43.3-57" FF: 28-50" / Booster: 43.3-57"
Installation LATCH/ Lap seatblet LATCH/ Lap seatblet
Side impact protection
Headrest positions 4 4
Recine position - -
Width 18.5 inches 18.5 inches
Car Seat Weight 9.14 lb. 9.5 lb.
Machine-washable fabric
Cup Holder Two Two

*About the height limit for rear-facing: The top of the head must be 1” (2.5 cm) below the headrest adjustment lever.

9. Alternatives

What other harnessed booster seats should you consider?

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