Car Seat Weight and Height Limits [120 lbs/ 63″]: Infant, Convertible, Booster

If you’re looking for something on the car seat weight and height limits, here is the ultimate guide.  We will try our best to explain the car seat weight limits for infant, convertible, and booster seats, and of course the height limits.  However, the top weight and height limits for car seats and the weight […]

Arizona Car Seat Laws (2022)-Front Seat and Booster Age Requirements

What are the Arizona car seat laws? According to Arizona State Law, all children under the age of 8 must be secured with a child safety seat or device that meets federal standards and requirements and in accordance with the car seat manufacturer’s instructions. That’s a brief introduction to Arizona car seat laws. Here in […]

Arkansas Car Seat Laws (2022) – Booster and Front Seat Rules

Want to know the new Arkansas car seat laws in 2022? You’re here in the right place. According to the Arkansas State Law, a child under six years old and less than sixty pounds should be secured in a child passenger restraint system that meets applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. Older children at least […]

Pennsylvania Car Seat Laws (2022) -Regulations to Drive Your Child Safely

If you’re trying to find the Pennsylvania car seat laws 2022, here is the right place. According to Pennsylvania State Law, children under 8 years of age must travel in an appropriate booster seat or child restraint device based on the child’s age. Moving on to the next parts, you’ll find age is the only […]