20 Reasons to Buy or Not to Buy Maxi Cosi EMME 360

Compared to the rotating car seats that came before it, the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 car seat does not bring much fresh air to the market. The 360-degree rotation is good, the 100-pound weight limit and 52-inch height limit are average, while the large number of plush fabrics for comfort and safety remains. Also, the price is higher than competitors.

But it does really have several surprising improvements. The red-to-green indicator ensures a confirmed installation for safe trips, and the rotatable uniquely designed cup holders are able to hold many types of bottles. Does that make it worthy of your wallet? I’ll let you be the judge.

To help you make the right decision, I’ve summarized my full review of the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 car seat into key reasons for and against buying it.

Where to Buy:

$359.99 $449.99


Key features

Specs of Maxi Cosi EMME 360 Rotating Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Emme 360

10 Reasons to Buy Maxi Cosi EMME 360

1. The 360° rotational ability is the key selling point for the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 rotating all-in-one car seat. As with other rotating car seats, it’s considered to provide the best convenience for parents who want an easier way to put their kids in and out of the car seat. The rotating feature will work throughout all three stages in rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

Maxi Cosi EMME 360 rotating to vehicle door

The manufacturer boasts that the Maxi Cosi EMME comes with its 360° FlexiSpin technology that allows you to easily swivel the car seat in all modes of use. That’s a marketing strategy by giving the rotational feature a special name. Actually, not all parents are satisfied with its rotation. They complain that it’s a bit hard to spin the car seat in the right position. So here we would like to list some tips for your reference to swivel the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 rotating car seat.

Squeeze the Rotation Handle on the front of the base to move the seat out of the Rear-Facing or Forward-Facing modes. Rotation Lock Indicator will show the locked symbol when the car seat is locked in place.

Maxi Cosi EMME 360 lock indicator

2. Just as its name indicates, the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 features an all-in-one design to accommodate your child for rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster modes, suitable for children from infancy to toddlerhood between 4-100 pounds. The 52-inch height limit is a bit lower than the law-required 57-inch height requirement.

3. We parents know how the proper installation is important for the kid’s safety. The Maxi Cosi EMME 360 is equipped with the TensionFix indicator on the base for a kind reminder. The tension indicator turning green means that you have installed the EMME 360 car seat tightly and safely, giving peace of mind that things are fastened properly to confirm the car seat is solid to ensure safety.

Maxi Cosi EMME 360 TensionFix for reasy installation

4. To match its versatility to fit kids from birth to big kids, the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 car seat provides multiple headrest positions. The manufacturer gives it the name QuikFit, which is actually a 10-position headrest and harness adjustment. That means, your kid would get the most perfect fitting among different growth stages.

5. Keeping the seat pad clean and comfortable is a common problem most moms face. This is not a biggie with the included QuikClean insert seat pad, which can be easily removed for fast cleaning. By the way, the car seat can be used without the insert so that you can continue to go places wherever you want.

Maxi Cosi EMME 360 QuickClean Insert

6. Every Maxi Cosi car seat looks nice and comfortable. So does the EMME 360 rotating car seat. It’s well padded everywhere, the headrest, infant insert, and pillows. The padding is soft and made of energy-absorbing foam, making the car seat not only comfortable but also safe for your kid.

7. The Maxi Cosi EMME 360 car seat comes with a few surprising innovations as well, like the ClipQuik magnetic chest clip, which is really neat and promotes struggle-free in-and-out buckling every time you get your kid in the car seat.

Maxi Cosi EMME 360 chest clip

8. The Maxi Cosi EMME 360 rotating car seat has two cup holders, which are innovatively designed from the most common cup holders. They are also rotatable. Even better, there are slots in the cup holders so that cups with handles can also fit. This beats 99% of car seats on the market, not to mention that the cup holders are removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

9. There are harness holders on both sides of the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 rotating car seat. They are great for keeping the harness out of your way while placing the child in the seat, making it easier to get him in and out.

10. The Maxi Cosi EMME 360 rotating car seat allows for reclining in 5- positions in rear-facing mode, offering great flexibility for adjusting the seat to your child’s comfort. Considering its 10-year-lifespan for use, the 5-position recline options would not be as impressive as other features. But it’s better than none.

5 Reasons Not to Buy Maxi Cosi EMME 360

1. We have to admit that rotating car seats are pricey. But we don’t think the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 car seat is worth the listing price at $449.99. Safety 1st Turn and Go 360 are very similar in most features but $100+ cheaper, only $319.99.
2. It’s true that Maxi Coso EMM 360 is a heavy rotating car seat, weighing up to 38 pounds. That’s the heaviest among rotatable car seats, even 10 pounds heavier than the lightest rotating convertible car seat – Evenflo Revolve360 Slim (28 pounds). It’s not easy for parents to move between cars if you plan to install it in multiple car seats

3. Obviously, the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 car seat is bulky, measuring 19” Depth x 22” Width x 23” Length. It is very wide and takes up a very large footprint in your backseat. It absolutely does not fit well in small cars. Not to mention about the 3 across fit.

4. Even though the manufacturer boasts that the Maxi Cosi EMME 360 is an all-in-one car seat for 10 years of use, the 52-inch height limit in booster mode limits its actual usage. The car seat laws in most states in the US require that your child is better to stay in a restraint system or car seat until he reaches 57 inches tall.

If you’re living or traveling in these states, better follow the rules. The police won’t stop you to check your kid’s height. But for their safety’s sake, using a car seat would be safer for your child than using the vehicle’s seat belt if they don’t meet the 57-inch height requirement.

5. The straps are difficult both to tighten and to loosen, especially the strap in between the kid’s legs. It’s rather short, making it really a struggle to get the two clips attached.

Where to Buy:

$359.99 $449.99

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