Best 3 in 1 Car Seat – Top Five from 20+

If you want to know and plan to buy a 3 in 1 car seat, reading this ultimate guide is enough. Here in this article, we’ll discuss and explore a bit more details on 3-in-1 car seats and share some tips to choose a perfect 3-in-1 car seat to satisfy your child’s and your family’s […]

Best Rotating Car Seat – Top 7 Swivel Car Seats for Newborn and Toddlers

If you’re looking for a rotating car seat, you’re right here.  Car seats that can rotate are ultra-friendly for parents and grandparents. They are 180 or 360 degrees rotatable, not just swivel from rear-facing to forward-facing, but can be rotated toward the vehicle door so that you can take the baby in and out more […]

Lightest Infant Car Seat – 4 Best Lightweight Options from 5 lbs

What’s the lightest infant car seat? If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight infant car seat, here is the ultimate guide.  Infant carriers are certainly lighter than other types of car seats (except backless boosters). They are commonly under 10 pounds. You may not feel heavy when you shop it at the store or just check […]

12 Best Car Seat with 5 Point Harness up to 100 and 120 LBS

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Best Lightweight Convertible Car Seats – Top 7 Lightest from 9.3 to 15 lb

Choosing a good lightweight convertible car seat is a deeply subjective task. Some may prefer the ease of care and maintenance over aesthetics, while others may value the opposite. In the end, we pick the lightweight convertible car seats based on quality, comfort, machine washability (so important!), and safety pro tips. But, yes, we also […]