22 Reasons to Buy or Not to Buy Cybex Aton G Swivel Infant Car Seat

The Cybex Aton G Swivel is a popular rotating infant car seat that comes with a 35-pound weight limit and 32-inch height limit, making it good to accommodate a baby from birth to around 18 months old. 

Sporting a proprietary design, industry-leading level of build quality, and a veritable smorgasbord of extra features to ensure your kid’s safety and comfort while providing the most convenience, the Cybex Aton G Swivel takes the ease of traveling with babies to the next level. 

But with such a highlight reel comes a hefty price tag. So, is it worth it? Keep on reading these xx reasons to buy or not to buy a Cybex Aton G.

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Key features

Specs of Cybex Aton G Swivel Infant Car Seat

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Cybex Aton G Swivel vs Aton G

Cybex Infant Car Seats Comparison Aton G Swivel Aton G
Price $399.95 (listing price) $249.95
Rotation 180 Degrees -
Weight limit (lb) RF:4-35 RF:4-35
Height limit (in) RF:17-32" RF:17-32"
Headrest Adjustable Positions 11 11
Linear Side Impact Protection (L.S.P)
In-Shell Air Ventilation
Fire Retardant Chemical Free Fabric
Easy-In Buckle Pad
Width 17.5" 17.5"
Anti-Rebound Bar -
Aircraft use
Colors 5 (beach blue) 4

16 Reasons to Buy Cybex Aton G Swivel

1. 180-degree rotation base. The rotation ability lies in the Aton G Swivel base – similar to other rotating car seats, making it easy to safely load and unload your child from either side of the vehicle. 

Rotating this infant car seat is simple, pull the swivel handle (on the corner of both sides) and turn the car seat toward the vehicle door until it reaches the boarding position – you can feel it when it’s in the right position. Then push it back from the vehicle door after your kid is harnessed until you hear an audible ‘click’ sound that indicates the Cybex Aton G Swivel is locked in the drive position – rear-facing.

You can verify proper installation by confirming that the two white lines on the front of the base are properly aligned.

2. The design of the incorporated anti-rebound bar in the base is good for reducing rotation and overall movement of the Cybex Aton G infant car seat during a crash, ultimately reducing crash forces on the child.

3. Energy-Absorbing Shell. This rotating infant car seat is equipped with an energy-absorbing shell outer side and foam inside to help protect your baby in the event of a collision.

Cybex Aton G Swivel rotating

4. Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection (L.S.P.). On both sides near the canopy connection locates two L.S.P. pods, which help absorb impact forces and redirect them away from your baby’s head and shoulders in the event of a side-impact collision. You can believe the Cybex Aton G Swivel’s safety performance. You can find this feature on the Cybex Sirona S as well.

Cybex Aton G Swivel Linear Side-Impact Protection

5. The canopy used in the Cybex Aton G swivel infant car seat is supposed to be larger than average canopies on other baby car seats. The canopy goes further than most to provide excellent sun and wind protection for your baby.

6. The 17.5-inch width is average among infant car seats. But we think it’s a positive reason because that means this Cybex rotating infant car seat will provide roomy space for births to grow and stay comfortably. Also, the 17.5-inch width is quite acceptable if you want to fit 3 car seats in one row in the back seat.

Cybex Aton G Swivel fit 3 across

7. The Cybex Aton G infant car seat carrier can be separately installed for use and features wide compatibility with other bases, strollers, and accessories. Here is the full list:

  • Aton G Base
  • Aton G Swivel Base
    Infant Car Seat Rain Cover
  • Infant Car Seat Insect Net
  • Infant Car Seat Sun Shade
  • All Cybex Strollers

8. It’s important to allow for one-handed recline adjustment in an infant car seat. The Cybex Aton G Swivel is good at this. Parents can easily adjust this rotating infant car seat to a desired recline position with just one hand by pushing the handle on the front of the base.

Cybex Aton G Swivel recline indicator

9. The Cybex Aton G Swivel infant car seat is approved for airplane use, meaning you can always take it for air travel. One important thing that needs your attention is that, if you’re planning to use this car seat on airplanes, you can only install it without the base.

10. The SafeLock Belt TM Tensioner in the swivel base delivers a quick, simple, and secure installation in a matter of seconds if you choose to install the Cybex Aton G Swivel infant car seat with the LATCH system.

11. The included infant insert is great for keeping newborns and small infants cradled in this rotating infant car seat. As your baby grows, it’s removable. The manufacturer recommends using the infant insert until your child reaches a weight of 11 lbs. or about 3 months old. As good parents, we’d better follow the guidelines.

12. The Cybex Aton G Swivel is a high-end infant car seat. So we’re not surprised that the materials used in it look expensive. The manufacturer boasts that the fabrics are safe to use, with no fire-retardant chemicals added. Even better, the seat pad and inner fabrics are comfortable with ventilation channels built into the shell to allow natural airflow to pass through the car seat.

Cybex Aton G Swivel natural airflow design

13. Cybex has a German bloodline. So it’s not a surprise that the Aton G Swivel complies with European safety standards for infant car seats.

14. Quite long-lasting: A 6-year lifespan is quite acceptable among infant car seats.

15. Aesthetically pleasing for many parents, including 5 colors for choice. These colors are great and make the Cybex Aton G rotating infant car seat look stylish and exquisite.

  • Moon Black
  • Lava Grey
  • Ocean Blue
  • Seashell Beige
  • Beach Blue

16. Parents who purchased a Cybex Aton G swivel infant car seat will get superior support from the ParentLink on the installation and any questions you may have about the car seat.

4 Reasons Not to Buy Cybex Aton G Swivel

1. Not that light: Weighing 9 pounds. The manufacturer boasts that the Aton G Swivel is the lightest Cybex infant car seat, but it’s not as lightweight as those in our lightest infant car seats, which weigh between 4 to 8 pounds. However, it’s still manageable for easy carrying anyway.

2. Price: High-end features can come with a higher cost. $319.99 for a rotating infant car seat base and carrier is about $100 more expensive than the average infant car seat. However, more and more high-end infant car seats are as pricey as the Cybex Aton G swivel infant car seat. For example, the Nuna Pipa Lite RX costs $320.

3. Size: The 17.5-inch width of Cybex Aton G swivel infant car seat is quite narrow enough to fit 3 across. But the 26.1-inch length needs more space, making it might not fit well in smaller vehicles. The best solution is to put it in the center of the back row. Along with the rotating feature, you can still get your baby in and out of the car much easier than non-rotating infant car seats.

Also, after rotating the Cybex Aton G towards the vehicle’s door or either side, it probably takes more space than the common infant car seats.

4. No additional accessories included. Okay, the sunshade is large, but you’ll need to pay extra for that. The included things in the package are: the Cybex Aton G infant car seat, the rotating base, the manual, and the infant insert – luckily it’s included and free of charge. Other things like the adapters or rain cover, even the canopy do not come with the car seat. 

Cybex Aton G Swivel easy to carry handle

5. No cushion around the handle. This might be not that comfortable for parents to grip and carry the car seat when putting the baby in it.

6. It’s a bit hard to adjust the harness. The harness is not as smooth as others to adjust for tightening and loosening.

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