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As far as no-frills, no-nonsense child restraints go, they don’t get much better than this Spider Man car seat. With a 100-lb weight limit and 57-inch height limit and a lifespan of up to 7 years, this SpiderMan car seat is a protective, comfortable, long-lasting harness booster that does everything its name promises. Adding the popular comics characters in their car seats and booster combines protection and fun with solid armrests on both sides that are ultra-comfortable for growing kids. Plus, as one of the lightest and most well-built models in its class, the KidsEmbrace will attract kids and parents looking for a durable, dependable toddler car seat.

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KidsEmbrace Spider Man Car Seat Review - Ride with Fun

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Other car seats to consider

1. Pros and Cons of Spider Man Car Seat



2. Who Is This Spider Man Car Seat Best For?

Will the Spider Man car seat be a good option for your child and your family?

The KidsEmbrace Spider Man car seat’s skill set – light, durable, and with a protective, wide space – makes it suitable for growing toddlers who are at least 1 year old.

Plus, its tame 100-lb top weight limit and 57-inch top height limit make it easy to get used to and 7 years of lifespan, while its ergonomic design renders it simple to embrace your kids from the Spider-Man or other heroes.

What could be more fun than riding in a Batman car seat? How about Cinderella?

3. Value for Money

Is the price tag of Spider Man Car Seat worth it?

The Spider Man car seat is worth every dime. Not only is the combination harness to booster highly affordable – under $200, they don’t come much cheaper – but it goes above and beyond its price point in terms of some of the features and flair it delivers.

You don’t see many car seats looking this nice for such a persuasive price tag.

Ultimately, the Spider Man car seat’s dedicated harnessed booster protection, solid build quality, kids-friendly armrest, and eye-catching character seat cover suggest that the Spider Man car seat deserves more than the ‘bargain basement’ status that its price tag implies.

4. Design of Spider Man Car Seat

Spider Man Car Seat Dimension and Width

It’s a bulky car seat – that should be the first impression when you have the very first glance at Spider Man car seat.

It really is, with a dimension of 19-inch in width, 19.5-inch in-depth, and 29.5-inch in height. It seems voluminous, especially with the colorful character illustration. 

The 19.5-inch width means that this combination harness to booster seat does not fit 3 across in the back, especially for small cars. If your vehicle comes with wider seats in the back, it may fit well.

As the cup holders on both sides are built into the car seat and do not need more space to attach them.

The 19-inch depth (or called length) is quite average, meaning it will not take much space from the front driver or passenger seat. That would be comfortable for both the adults in the front row and the kids in the back seat. 

Designed for growing children under 8 years of age (if they do not reach the 100-pound top weight limit or 57-inch top height limit), It’s no surprise that this Spider Man car seat features a great height of up to 29.5 inches.

After all, your kid’s ear should be underneath the top edge of the headrest, which ensures their safety in the car seat.

Portability of Spider Man Car Seat

The Spider Man car seat should have its name among the list of lightest harness booster seats or multi-functional car seats (except those infant car seats for newborns and small babies).

Made of polyester material that is comfortable and lightweight, the Spider Man car seat weighs only 15 pounds. That’s really an amazing lightweight body compared to those all-in-one car seats for big kids on the market. 

However, it gets a low score on portability – only 7 out of 10, due to its huge size.

It’s not as portable as the Diono Radian 3R whilst the latter one weighs up to 25.9 pounds because KidsEmbrace has a large body but is not foldable for easy carrying or switching from one vehicle to another. 

However, we don’t think the portability will affect your purchase decision on this car seat, as it has a few amazing bonus features.

Two Cup Holders

The Spider Man car seat has two impressive cup holders, which are very different from other car seats. The cup holders are built into the car seat body, looking like the hands of the character are holding the juices and snacks for your little one. 

These cup holders give you a feeling that they’re bigger than common ones because they’re designed with the hands of the characters. That’s exclusive!

The big cup holders are great for holding drinks and snacks, making it convenient for both kids and parents for easy reach.

KidsEmbrace Two Cup Holders

Spider Man Car Seat Cover

KidsEmbrace is the only car seat brand on the market that makes use of comic characters for the seat pad, just like this Spider Man Car Seat.

This absolutely improves its popularity among kids and parents. Who won’t love a Batman car seat? If not, more characters are available for choice. 

Multiple colors are available, pink and purple.

KidsEmbrace Car Seat in Vehicle

5. Crash Tests and Safety Ratings

The Spider Man car seat has a medium score in the safety ratings

It meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.

That means the car seat has passed the crash test for safe riding in motor vehicles and for safe air travel on the plane.

That’s the very basic requirement for a car seat if it is planned for sale on the US market.

The manufacturer also boasts of its three-position adjustable headrest to is equipped with energy-absorbing EPS foam, along with the 5-point harness system, the Spider Man car seat should perform well in side-impact protection.

But that’s all. 

This is very different from other car seat manufacturers like Graco, Chicco, and Britax

KidsEmbrace is a new company with the character seat cover being its best selling point, not many core technologies or experiences in manufacturing car seats, especially in the bonus protection field.

For example, the Graco embeds its patented ProtectPlus Engineered into its premium models; Chicco also has its patented DuoGuard technique in protection, while Britax implements the patented ClickTight for easy and correct installation to ensure safety.

6. Performance of Spider Man Car Seat

Weight and Height Limits

This Spider Man car seat features average weight and height limits, just like most boosters or combination car seats

In the 5-point harness mode, it allows a kid weighing between 22-65 to ride in the forward-facing position until they’re 49-inch tall. No matter the weight or height limit comes first.

Switching to a booster seat, the Spider Man car seat features a 100-pound top weight and 57-inch top height. This is good enough to meet the local car seat laws in most US states.

That means kids can stay in this car seat until their 8th birthday or even 10th birthday. That’s long enough for a child to prepare to wear the vehicle’s seat belt.

Age Range

From its 120-pound top weight limit and 57-inch top height limit, it’s assumed that this Spider Man car seat could go for big kids between 8-10 years of age. That’s the average age range for boosters and all-in-one car seats.

It’s not surprising that Spider Man Car Seat can feature this longevity. After all, it was designed to grow with your kids. It’s a pity that it is only a combination harness to a booster seat, lacking the ability to ride for newborns and small babies under 1 year old in rear-facing

From its manual, the Spider Man Car Seat is suitable for toddlers who are at least 1 year old for front-facing riding. If taking its lifespan of 7 years into consideration, it’s a bit risky to use the KidsEmbrace for a 1-year-old infant to grow to be a preteen. 

Let’s do this simple calculation. For example, an infant starts to use KidsEmbrace at 1 year of age, plus the 7 years of lifespan, and the real use should be less than 7 years, which means it won’t last until your kid’s 8th birthday. Whilst this age is the minimum requirement for a kid to get out of a car seat.

In this situation, we recommend you use the Spider Man Car Seat with another convertible car seat that is capable of riding your kid rear-facing for a longer time.


The Spider Man Car Seat is a combination harness to a booster seat. It combines two stages – forward-facing and booster, which is the 2nd and 3rd car seat stage based on the NHTSA’s definition. 

The 5-point harness is required for the forward-facing stage. 

Compared to all-in-one car seats, the Spider Man Car Seat lacks only the first stage -infant.

Note: The forward-facing car seat stage is different from the front-facing position, as the booster stage is still positioned forward-facing.


Is the Spider Man Car Seat allowed on planes?

The Spider Man car Seat can be used for air travel, only under certain conditions.

It is certified for use in aircraft with a 5-point harness.

You should follow the instructions in the manual to use this car seat only on forward-facing aircraft seats and in a position where a vehicle lap belt can be tightened securely.

Install car seats on aircraft the same way it is installed in a vehicle with a vehicle lap belt. Tether use is not required as a tether anchor is not available. 

Use this car seat only with FAA-certified equipment. Contact the airline prior to taking this car seat on board in order to comply with their specific regulations.

When turning KidsEmbrace from harness to booster seat, it is NOT allowed for use on aircraft. Because there is no shoulder belt available on aircraft, it is required for secure installation for a booster seat.


How long isSpider Man car seat good for

The Spider Man Car Seat features 7 years of lifespan. 

The lifespan is counted from the manufacturer date, not the day you buy the car seat.

The actual use of this combination harness to booster seat should be shorter than 7 years since your purchase. 

So you should pay close attention to the manufacture date, which is shown on the bottom of the booster seat. 

If your child grows slower than their peers, a cheaper backless car seat is also a good option if the car seat is expired.


This product is warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

The exclusive remedy for this warranty is that Spider Man Car Seat will at its option; provide, repair, or offer replacement components for this product or refund the original purchase price of the product.

7. Installation

Which Installation Method Should I Use?

This Spider Man car seat can be secured to a vehicle using the new LATCH System or a vehicle seat belt. Use either the LATCH system or a vehicle seat belt to secure this car seat but do not use both at the same time.

Forward Facing Installation


LATCH System On This Car Seat (latch_system): 

The LATCH system on the KidsEmbracecar seat can be used when using this car seat as a 5 Pt. Harness Car Seat or a Booster Car Seat. 

The LATCH System on this car seat consists of a lower anchor belt with lower anchors and a top tether strap with tether hook. 

LATCH System In Vehicles: The child restraint anchorage system or LATCH System in the vehicle consists of two lower anchors located at the vehicle seat bight and a top tether anchor. 

Refer to vehicle owners manual for seating locations which have the LATCH System. Lower anchors may not be visible in some vehicles. 

Lower anchors that are not visible are located below a solid color round dot on the vehicle upholstery or a round dot with a picture of a car seat in the center as shown in the manual. 

The vehicle manufacturer may provide funnel guides to separate the vehicle seat cushions providing easier access to the lower anchorage. See vehicle owners manual.

Install Spider Man Car Seat Using LATCH

1. Remove Lower Anchors by squeezing the retainer spring and unhooking from the storage.

2.Place car seat forward- facing in a seat location equipped with LATCH anchorage system. (Fig 17). See your vehicle owners manual for LATCH locations and additional information. If the vehicle seat back is adjustable, adjust into an upright position. 

3.Secure LATCH lower anchor belt. Place Lower Anchor hook over vehicle lower anchor on each side of the car seat. You should hear a click from the retainer spring. -Pull out on each lower anchor to be sure it is locked onto the vehicle lower anchor. 

4. Tighten LATCH belt. -Place knee in seat and push down firmly while pulling on free end with loop to tighten LATCH lower anchor belt. 

5. Connect the tether hook to the top tether anchor and snugly adjust tether. -To adjust, see the “Adjusting Top Tether” section. 

6. Check for secure installation. -With hand on armrest, push the child restraint forward and back, and from side to side. The LATCH belt MUST stay tightly adjusted and not loosen. Note: Movement from front to back should be limited and movement side to side near the belt path should be less than 1 inch is acceptable. If the lower anchor belt does not remain tight, do not use this child restraint in this seating location with this LATCH system. Try installing it with the vehicle seat belt or use another seating location with a LATCH anchor.

Install Spider Man Car Seat with Vehicle Seat Belt

Vehicle seat belts MUST stay tightly adjusted around the car seat at all times. 

1.Determine the type of seat belt installed in the vehicle. Use the “Vehicle Seat Belts” section for reference to correctly install. 

2. Place car seat forward facing in the seat location selected. 

-If the vehicle seat back is adjustable, adjust into an upright position.

-Top tether should be used wherever possible. Store tether if not used to install the car seat. 

3. Thread the vehicle lap belt or vehicle lap and shoulder belt combination through the belt path opening and out the belt path opening on the opposite side. 

4. Buckle vehicle seat belt.

5. Tighten the lap belt. -Place knee in seat and push down firmly while pulling on the vehicle seat belt to tighten labp belt. 

6. Connect tether hook to the top tether anchor bracket and snugly adjust tether see Top Tether use section. 

7. Check for secure installation. -With hand on armrest, push the car seat forward and back, and side to side. 

Vehicle seat belt MUST stay tightly adjusted and not loosen. Note: Movement from front to back should be limited and movement side to side near the belt path should be less than 1 inch is acceptable. 

If the seat belt does not remain tight, see “Vehicle Seat Belts” section or move car seat to another seating location.

Booster Seat Installation

Children MUST be at least 4 years old and weigh between 40 and 100 pounds (18 and 45 kg).

Location - Where to Install Spider Man Car Seat Turning to Booster

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) alerts vehicle owners that according to accident statistics, children up to age 12 are safer when properly restrained in the rear seating positions rather than in front seating positions. 

Refer to the vehicle owners manual for booster seat installation instructions for your vehicle. – Use booster seats in a rear vehicle seat location whenever possible. 

– Never put a booster seat in a front seat location unless recommended by vehicle owners manual.

– For vehicles with airbags, refer to the owners manual for child restraint installation information. If a front vehicle seat location with an airbag must be used, follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for child restraint use and move the vehicle seat back as far as possible.

Install Spider Man Car Seat with LATCH

Securing Booster With LATCH The LATCH attachment system can be used to secure the booster seat into the vehicle if available. 

Use of the LATCH attachment system keeps the booster seat secured at all times and assists a child when getting into the booster seat. 

– Secure LATCH lower anchor belt and top tether as shown in “Installation With LATCH Anchorage System” section.

Install Spider Man Car Seat with Lap and Shoulder Belt

1. Remove harness system, see “Removing Harness” section. 

2. If available – Secure the Booster using the LATCH system, see “Installation with LATCH Anchorage System” section, or place the booster forward-facing in a rear seat location which has a vehicle lap and shoulder belt.

If the vehicle seat back is adjustable, adjust into the most upright position. DO NOT place the Booster Car Seat in a seating position that has only a lap belt. 

3. Position child in Booster Car Seat with child’s back flat against car seat back.

4. Place the vehicle lap belt on thighs and shoulder belt across the child’s chest and centered on the shoulder. Buckle vehicle seat belt. 

Note: Lap belt MUST be placed under armrests and shoulder belt MUST be through shoulder belt guide. 

5. Place the vehicle shoulder belt in the vehicle shoulder belt guide.

6. Adjust the headrest so that the vehicle shoulder belt guide is above and centered on the child’s shoulder. 

7. On the back of the seat, locate the headrest adjustment button , center in opening, press button in and adjust headrest up or down into position to properly position shoulder belt (Fig 36). NOTE: Make sure the headrest is locked into position. 

8. Snugly adjust the lap and shoulder belt according to the instructions in the vehicle owner’s manual. – DO NOT place the shoulder belt under the child’s arm or behind the child.

9.Check fit of vehicle belts. -The lap belt must be low and snugly adjusted on hips, contacting the thighs . -The shoulder belt must contact the chest and be centered on the shoulder.

KidsEmbrace Car Seat Manual

The user manual is the most important thing you need to make sure it’s included in the package. You should always read the user manual before starting to install and use it for riding your child. 

The user manual of Spider Man Car Seat is stored in a small storage bag on the back, but you can always find the online user manual on its official website, or download the PDF here.

8. Specifications







Suitable for

Big toddlers, preschoolers, and tween





Portability (1-10)

7; bulky and not that heavy

Weight (lb.)


Weight limits (lb.)

22-65 for 5-point harness, 40-100 for highback booster

Height limit (inch)

29-49” for forward-facing, 38-57” for booster


19.5 x 19 x 29.5″ (D x W x H)

Cup holder

Two on both sides



Age Range

1-10 years old


2nd, 3rd


1-10 years old


LATCH and seat belt

Headrest Positions


Recline Positions




7 Years

Extra Features

Comic characters cover, solid armrest

KidsEmbrace Car Seats Lists

More than the Spider Man Car Seat, there are a few other KidsEmbrace car seats with different comic characters. 

Just check the below list to find the best one you and your kid love.

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9. Alternatives of Spider Man Car Seat

What other car seats should you consider?

Chicco MyFit Harness Booster

Chicco MyFit

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Why its worse than the Spider Man Car Seat?
Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 Harness Booster Seat

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