Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco Myfit: Three Modes vs 54″ Harness

We compare the Graco Tranzitions vs the Chicco MyFit – two harnessed 2 booster seats from well-known brands. Both are forward-facing-only car seats for toddlers 1-year or older and are capable of a smooth transition from the harness model to booster mode

The Graco Tranzitions is quite an incredible multip-mode toddler car seat combining a harness, high back and backless, and a wide weight range from 22 to 100 pounds to grow with your child from 1 year old to 7 or 8 years old

The Graco Tranzitions car seat is stacked with all kinds of goodies including additional safety features and multiple positions of headrest adjustment. It’s definitely not an all-in-one car seat but is durable and very feature and quality-oriented.

The Chicco MyFit, on the other hand, is a rough, tank-like car seat that has a very ergonomic design stuffed into it.

It ticks many of the boxes for features we value – like the high harness limit and two armrests – but is very comfort-oriented. The car seat is streamlined around the edges -both figuratively and literally. It offers incredible performance for its cost.

We think this car seat is really oriented toward taller toddlers and parents who want to keep their kids in a 5-point harness for as long as possible.

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Quick Comparison Overview

  • Both the Graco Tranzitions and the Chicco MyFit are mid-range harnessed boosters with amazing features.
  • The Graco Tranzitions is much cheaper and good for families with a limited budget; the Chicco MyFit is more expensive and good for parents who have enough budget.
  • The Graco Tranzitions is a 3-in-1 combination car seat with an additional backless mode, whereas the Chicco MyFit doesn’t.
  • Both are car seats with a 5-point harness for up to 100 pounds and 57 inches size limit.
  • The Chicco MyFit has a 5-inch higher harness height limit (54″ vs 49″) for extended forward-facing.
  • Chicco MyFit is one inch narrower (18″ vs 19″).
  • Chicco MyFit has a base that allows for four reclining positions, whereas the Graco Tranzitions don’t have any recline at all.

Here in this head-to-head comparison of Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit, we dig in a little deeper than what you can normally expect to provide from the manufacturer. We do hope you like this in-depth review of Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit and find the one suiting both your kids and your needs.

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Side-by-Side Comparison Chart

Key Features Graco Tranzitions Car Seat Chicco MyFit Car Seat
Forward-facing Height and Weight Limits 22-65 lbs/ 49" 22-65 lbs/ 54"
Booster Height and Weight Limits 40-100 lbs/ 57" 40-100 lbs/ 57"
Adjustable Headrest 8 positions 9 positions
Recline Positions 0 4
Safety ProtectPlus Engineering DuoGuard
Side impact protection
5-Point Harness
Fabric Breathability
Installation Latch Push-button InRight™ LATCH Push Button Latch
Front Facing Installation - LockSure Belt system
Level Indicators -
Removable Cover - -
Washable Cover Machine Washable Machine Washable
Removable Plush Head & Body Inserts - -
Dimensions 19"W x 17.4"D x 26.5"H inches 21"L x 17.5"W x 26"H
Weight 19 lbs 25
Reviews 36000+ 5000+
Price $139.99* $219.99*

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Size Limits

Both Graco Tranzitions and Chicco MyFit are good car seats with a 5-point harness for up to 100 pounds and 57 inches size limit. This allows your child to stay in any of the two car seats until they grow to 7 or 8 years old.

But the Graco Tranzitions car seat has a slightly wider weight range. It starts at a 22-lb lowest weight requirement, making it a good option for small toddlers at 1 year old.

The Chicco MyFit starts at 25 pounds for the minimum weight requirement. While both car seats have the same 100-pound top weight, the Graco Tranzitions wins Chicco MyFit with a narrow margin in the weight range.

However, rear-facing is safer than forward-facing, even though both have the 5-point harness for optimal protection. So it’s strongly recommended to keep your child rear-facing for as long as possible.

But if you have purchased an infant car seat and your child outgrows it by around 35 pounds at 1 year old. If your local laws do not require your child to stay rear-facing until 2 years old, you may use a harness booster as well.

But the Chicco MyFit has a higher harness height (54″ vs 49″), making it a preferable option for parents who would like to have their kids in extendable harness protection.

You may have found the weirdest point for Chicco MyFit – the height gap between booster mode and harness mode is only 3″. It would be more normal to have a 63″ height limit as the Britax Grow with You ClickTight

But the 57-inch top height is good enough to meet most states’ regulations on a booster seat.

Graco Tranzitions

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Modes

Both the Graco Tranzitions and Chicco MyFit are combination car seats that are able to last two car seat stages in multiple modes: forward-facing and booster.

Graco Tranzitions is brilliantly designed with two detachable parts that can be removed and smoothly transitioned from a high-back booster to a backless booster. It’s kind of a 3-in-1 car seat (very different from the all-in-one).

Chicco MyFit has a one-piece design and only allows for high-back booster use.

A Highback booster is safer than a backless booster as it provides body and torso protection. 

However, due to many moms’ experiences and suggestions, older kids around 6 or 7 years old (in states where kids at this age still need a car seat)  would be conscious of friends’ choices and they prefer a backless booster over a high back booster.

They want to enjoy the window view, or just don’t want others to know that they are still using a car seat.

Graco Tranzitions

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Installation

Both the Graco Tranzitions and Chicco MyFit can be installed with the LATCH (harness mode) and seat belt.

Unlike the premium models from Graco, the Tranztitions car seat does not have rigid LATCH connectors. It is not equipped with an integrated belt lock-off either. So the installation might be a bit harder than the Chicco MyFit, which has premium LATCH connectors and a LockSure Belt System.

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Safety Standards and Bonus

Both the Graco Tranzitions and Chicco MyFit have successfully passed the crash tests under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 213. 

Both car seats provide side impact protection if used in the 5-point harness mode.

But the Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1 car seat has a plastic frame, even though it is solidly built for protection and durability. It seems less strong than the Chicco MyFit, which comes with a reinforced steel frame.

The Graco Tranzitions is packed with Graco’s ProtectPlus engineering technology and is capable of 360-degree protection if any crashes happened from the frontal, side, rear, or rollover.

Both car seats perform a tie.

Graco Tranzitions

Chicco MyFit

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Other Features

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Design

You won’t believe this – Chicco MyFit is narrower than Graco Tranzitions. 

If we just compare their width from the specs: Graco Tranzitions is 19 inches wide versus Chicco MyFit is 18 inches wide.

However, the manufacturer admits that the Graco Tranzitions seat pad is 18-inch in width after we contact them. We don’t believe the dimension on Amazon boasting that it’s 17.4-inch wide. If so, the manufacturer should have the slim fit design as a good selling point.

The Chicco MyFit has a slim design, making it one of the best narrow car seats. But it’s not as narrow as those car seats to fit 3 across.

You can easily distinguish which car seat has a better design. The Graco Tranzitions was positioned to satisfy the basic protection needs, while the Chicco MyFit has a few goodies packed in it. That’s why the latter is more expensive.

Both are not lightweight car seats. But the Chicco MyFit is a bit heavier, due to the base (we supposed this might be the leading factor).

The Graco Tranzitions harness booster has only one color option right now on Amazon and its official website. The Kyte (pink) is not available now. It’s a pity. Otherwise, it will have a position on our best pink car seats list.

The Chicco MyFit provides three colors for choice. If you want one for toddler girls, the Gardenia is preferable. It’s very similar to purple.

Graco Tranzitions

Chicco MyFit

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Comfort

It’s apparent that the Chicco MyFit is more comfortable.

It’s ergonomically designed and has more padding (the manufacturer boasts of its triple foam padding to provide comfort and support). 

Even the harness cover seems more padded for reducing the friction between the harness and your child’s neck. Plus, it provides 4 reclines, allowing you to find a perfect fit to deliver the max comfort.

Both car seats are made of machine washable fabrics.

The Chicco MyFit has higher-end siblings with advanced features, for example, the Zip version with a zip-off design (similar to Chicco NextFit Zip) and the Zip Air version with a zip-off design and 3D Air Mesh fabrics.

Both are good car seats with cup holders. The cup holders are removable and dishwasher-safe.

The cup holders on Graco Tranzitions are a big step moving from the Graco Extend2Fit, which has two built-in cup holders.

Graco Tranzitions

Chicco MyFit

Headrest and Recline Positions

The Chicco MyFit overperforms Graco Tranzitions in this comparison.

The former allows for a 9-position headrest adjustment, one more position than the Graco Tranzitions.

What’s more impressive is the reclining position. The Chicco MyFit gives parents 4 positions to adjust the car seat for an ideal fit angle along with their child’s growth. While the Graco Tranzitions car seat has none.

You can easily find that the Graco Tranzitions lack a base while the Chicco MyFit has a base, which results in a heavier body.

Graco Tranzitions

Chicco MyFit

Usable Life Before Expires

The Chicco MyFit has a longer lifespan than Graco Tranzitions.

Due to the plastic frame, the Graco Tranzitions last only 7 years from the date of manufacture.

The Chicco MyFit makes most of the metal frame and is more durable for 8 years of use

It seems the harness boosters are less competitive in this aspect. The Britax Grow with You ClickTight has the longest 9-year usable life, which is still one year shorter than most convertible or all-in-one car seats

A more popular model (Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit) may have been recently made (manufacturers may have a faster supply chain for the most popular car seats to ensure the stock.).

Popularity and Price

Apparently, the Graco Tranzitions car seat is more popular than the Chicco MyFit (and other harnessed boosters).

On Amazon, the Graco Tranzitions received over thirty-six thousand reviews while the Chicco MyFit is just reviewed by a bit more than five thousand customers.

Price should be the deciding factor. Graco Tranzitions has a name among the cheap car seats under $200, while the Chicco MyFit is $60-$80 more expensive. 

Graco Tranzitions


Chicco MyFit


Aircraft Use

Both the Graco Tranzitions and the Chicco MyFit are FAA approved for airplane use in harness mode. But they are not good car seats for air travel, better to use them in a car for road trips.

Graco Tranzitions vs Chicco MyFit: Verdict

Graco Tranzitions: good for value

The Graco Tranzitions is a cheap, very complete toddler car seat. It is oriented toward families that are looking for a lot of safety features in a very low-priced package.

Chicco MyFit: good for comfort

The Chicco MyFit is a brash comfortable toddler car seat. It’s one – if not the – most comfortable car seat you can get in its price range. To get this much performance it makes some trade-offs in terms of price. It’s a tank and will be durable.

We think this is really the perfect ‘kit’ car seat for taller toddlers and parents that want to tune and upgrade their car seat.